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First 22" Eagle Transporter Build

My MPC 22" Eagle Transporter arrived today along with a photo etched sheet from Para Grafix. My first impression was "Wow - it's big!" I've made a start on the crew by removing the burrs and minor imperfections. I've also tried my hand at making some visors for the helmets. I would be extremely grateful for comments and/or suggestions on this build as I'm new to this subject. :)


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First pictures of the crew compartment rear wall. I've added the grills from the photo etched sheet and I've also realised that the door can be used as a mask when I spray paint the door surround.


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Crew Update

Just a few pictures to show where I am with the crew and cockpit bulkhead. As I'm new to this group I decided to go with decal numbers 2 and 3 for the chest packs - I'll leave No.1 for the senior command staff! I've tried to show the black support straps for the chest pack hiding slightly underneath the yellow seat straps. I'm quite pleased with how the helmet visors turned out, although I'm not sure whether to paint the edges of the visor yellow as I might make a mess of it! I've painted the door surround with some satin varnish to try and replicate the leather look from the TV images. Finally, I opted to use a painted photo etched door to give nice clean edge lines. I haven't glued the crew in place yet as I want to fashion some seat backs. That's all for now. :)


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Crew Update

I plucked up the courage to paint the visors and I'm glad I did. :)
I made the crew seats from some thin plastic card and I've spray painted the bulkhead with some varnish in preparation for a dark wash.


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Cockpit Instrument Panels

Hi again. First of all I have a confession to make - I made a terrible mess of weathering the cockpit bulkhead, so I had to remove the paint completely and start again (I used the wrong paint thinners to wipe the wash off)! I've made a start on the cockpit floor and side walls and I've also spent some time on my computer drawing the side instrument panels from a photo I saw on the internet. I made several sizes and found one that fit. I then printed them onto 240g photo card and cut them to shape. I think they look pretty cool! :)


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Thanks Todd. I've just discovered the treasure trove that is your bank of support files. There's a lot of great stuff in there, thanks. :)
Let there be Light!

I ordered a RC car flashing light kit for my Eagle. It's very simple to put together and runs off 4.5-6v DC. It comes with a push button to change mode from still (all on) or flashing (all flashing or just some flashing), you can also change the LED colours around. I've placed two small Orange 3mm dia. LEDs in the cockpit to illuminate the pilot's faces. I've also placed a White 5mm LED in the roof for general cockpit lighting. :)


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Command Module update

I've glued the windows in place and then fixed the photo-etched frames onto the outside, using a thin sliver of superglue. I made a support for the LEDs to hold them in place.


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Putting the Lid on it.

The photo-etched frames make a really good template for cutting the masking tape. I've attached the Command Module upper half and filled the join lines with body putty. Once sanded I sprayed the module Matt Black to stop any light leaking through and to add a bit of depth to the white finishing coat. I couldn't resist the Meerkat face - Simples! :)


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Command Module support brackets

I had a look at the photo-etched support brackets which are really good, but in order to use them you have to chop up the existing brackets which is going to be fiddly. Therefore, I thought I'd use the existing brackets and finish them off by wrapping a brass band around them.


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Spine build

It's taken me a while but I've finished putting the spine together. I took advice from other posts and built the spine in stages. It took a long time to remove the mould lines from all of the tubular sections but it was worth it. The parts fit together really well and I'm impressed with how the kit has been put together. I placed the shorter cross tubes in place and then used liquid cement as per the instructions. The longer cross tubes then fit in nicely. I allowed the whole frame to dry whilst resting it on the top surface (i.e. upside down) to keep the spine straight. I'm really pleased with the end result.:)


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My MPC 22" Eagle Transporter arrived today along with a photo etched sheet from Para Grafix. My first impression was "Wow - it's big!" I've made a start on the crew by removing the burrs and minor imperfections. I've also tried my hand at making some visors for the helmets. I would be extremely grateful for comments and/or suggestions on this build as I'm new to this subject. :)

Hi Wobbly, fantastic build you're doing. Some impressive work on the CM, interior and especially the pilot helmets.

Had a good chuckle at the pic with the Eagle eyes. The 22" Eagle is a real fun build. Keep up the great work.
Forward Box Assembly

Had fun today building the forward Box Assembly. I used my mini grinding tool to open the inside lateral box section to allow the cables to pass through to the landing pods. My lighting kit has a small push button which changes the flashing sequence of the lights. I did a test fit of the spine to identify a suitable place to drill a hole for the push button. The forward and rear pressure doors have been drilled to permit cable access. The underside join line is only half hidden by the lower frame. By cutting a really thin plastic card to size the remaining join line is easily hidden as it sits nicely under the curved tubing.


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Rescue Passenger Pod Wiring

Today I built the passenger Pod and installed the wiring. I made some clips for the battery and lighting unit by bending some plastic card with a heat gun. Clips stuck to the floor with contact adhesive. I drilled a hole in the floor at a convenient point between the tubular bracing and fitted a small toggle switch. Once the wiring was connected I turned it on and hey presto it works! :)


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I've been promoted!

Ha ha, I've just noticed that I've been promoted from Waste Technician to Chef - are you sure that's a wise decision based on where my hands may have been in my previous role. You wouldn't want food poisoning in space - It takes a long time to climb out of a spacesuit! :)