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Flying RC StarBug


Alphans <-Flight video

Hi There to all my fellow Red Dwarf Brit-Sci-Fi Lovers!:thumbup:

DemonDriver here & I wanted to share my latest scratch-built British Spaceship The StarBug from Red Dwarf.

she's hand-made from 3 Styrofoam Balls carefully mated together and with other thrusters and landing legs attached.



  • bug 6  n.jpg
    bug 6 n.jpg
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  • bug 7 n.jpg
    bug 7 n.jpg
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  • bug 8 n.jpg
    bug 8 n.jpg
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  • bug 11 n.jpg
    bug 11 n.jpg
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  • bug 14 n.jpg
    bug 14 n.jpg
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  • bug 22 n.jpg
    bug 22 n.jpg
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