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Freedom City


Discussed this week during our Docholli episode of the Blakes 7 In Character podcast, the model of Freedom City built by Mat Irvine, meant to be used as an establishing shot at the start of "Gambit", but never used.
I'm guessing it would've been quite a quick shot, as the parts used are pretty blatent.
They include;

Orange - Girder body part of the Eagle Transporter,
Yellow -four tops to the landing pod of the Eagle Transporter, with a foot in the middle,
Grey Blue - Egg boxes
Pink - Lunar Module halves from the 1/44th Saturn V kit,
Light Green - Eagle Transporter Pod,
Red - Saturn V or Eagle Transporter engine bells,
Dark Green - Eagle Transporter beak,
Dark Blue - lower section of the Lunar Module kit.

I've often toyed with building this but, with the prices now for even the most basic of Eagle kits, its not happening.


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