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From the Mist


I have to confess that I'm not a fan of Star Wars, although I do like certain scenes or ideas. One of my favourite scenes is where the Imperial AT-ATs are attacking the Rebel base on Hoth :clap:

I didn't make the AT-AT models here, or the AT-ST, but I did pose and re-texture them in DAZ Studio and in Bryce.
The mist is a volumetric sphere textured to be misty and the snow is a custom texture I created just for this scene... it was my first attempt at a scene like this.

Then, I had a second go but added Snow Speeders and some FX this time.



Yes but it looks a little stuck on.
Maybe a little mist & some shadow?

Like I said they look great.
Especially the bottom one with its action.

Keep up the good work.


... :roll: También sería interesante crear modelos y personajes que no se han inventado para ésra série, pero se podrían crear, personalizando figuras. ... Jorge. :brows:


.... :oops: I do not know why it is not written in English. I think I'm distracted. What I meant was:
It would also be interesting to create models and characters that have not been invented for these films, but it could create, customize models and figures. ... Jorge.:brows: