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Gray and Houseman tractor screengrabs (image heavy)



Here it is, my 3d model of the truck!

looks just like it :)

Hope you like it folks
If there is sufficient interest from people I am thinking of doing a kit of these components so everyone can build their own G & H tractor, mole, firefly, etc without having to buy a vickers vigor tractor.

I'm definitely interested in buying a kit, how much would it cost? £100?

I would love to own a studio scale one of these...



Im think about makeing studio scale models of the Gray & Houseman Roadbuilder, the helijet and the tractor, all I need to make the road builder are 4 Tiger Joe Tanks and a lot of bulsa wood.


Quite right (you must have a good memory), it was TV Century 21 no. 33

I was wrong about the dirt-track road, but the tarmack does look a bit scruffy, but what do you expect with Transmitter trucks driving down the high street !


hi guys,

I thought id post screengrabs of the Gray and Houseman tractor from Thunderbirds, in the hope that people who are good at spotting kit parts recognise anything on it,

I think there where 2 scales, a smaller one lifted off the cliff edge by Thunderbird 2, its the main larger one Im interested in.

a couple of shots of it, well I imagine its the same, probably before the end of the road episode, in the episode security hazard, it has one of the water jets on the back seen on one of the fire engines in city of fire

of course it was the transmitter truck also, could also get some grabs of that if anyone wants or needs them



I think that the model of the G & H truck that was destroyed was an exact duplicate, so it could be possible that the outher model still exists.

paul gray

Forum Supporter
hi Mike, what you think could be a k looks to me to be a < then AB. great screen grab by the way
cheers Paul

Mike Delamar

hi Mike, what you think could be a k looks to me to be a < then AB. great screen grab by the way
cheers Paul

yeah I was thinking that it was originally a K, but had been cut along so it looks like <

so maybe off a toy or something?

although it looks pretty thin mind you, so maybe pressed metal? battery lid?
but Id say plastic if its been cut.

****k ABB****??