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Gray and Houseman tractor screengrabs (image heavy)

Mike Delamar

other angle, definatley something there

From your first shot, I'd say it was < ABS >. If it is, we are looking for a plastic handle from something, made from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene. Depending on the scale of the model, this may be something as simple as a plastic fork from the canteen, to something much larger.

Sorry if this has actually widend the field for you to look in.



I think it's much more likely to be a trade name of the product or a brand rather than what it's made from. I'm not convinced it's an 'S' anyway.

Mike Delamar

Ive been looking at old toys Ive got but nothing yet :(

dont think its an important piece, but as ever, if we know what it is, it can always give clues to other mystery parts used elsewhere


Captain Sci-Fi

Silver part

Hi Guys,

Mike Delamar (CSI) at it again? :yes:

Is it a logo for Abbey (something) The silver item is the lid and the red part it is resting on is the box itself I would say as they have a very similar corner radius.

The < part is from a scroll that forms part of the logo (like a fluttering flag, ribbon or parchment scroll) embossed into the lid.

Well that's what I see anyway. :think:


Mike Delamar

maybe it was put there as it could be because the rocket platform tilts, so maybe its part of a hinge?

the platform base has dissapeared in this shot...



I had a look at lead and came up with this:

Maybe it is just a strip of lead/solder bar to weigh it down while it fired the barrels.
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Mike Delamar

the aurora b-58 wings has letters moulded on the inside which look similar but not the same letters, I wonder if any other of theyre kits did


Mike Delamar

looking at the hd screengrabs again.

its looks like there is a black part with a little piece sticking out behind the chrome revell wheel on the headlights. perhaps something to do with the bulb? a holder perhaps????

there is a rectangular piece with some distintive features underneath also.

and a tiny part on the right hand side looks like part of the undercarrage detail from the aurora 5/32 B-58 hustler kit?