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Halcyon Nostromo


That looks really nice.
I wonder how they got the docking area incorrect?

It said something in the paperwork with my Nostromo that there where differences between the different models so they made an amalgamation of the details from a the different ones.
Maybe the design on the Halcyon was from a different prop?

What you've done definitely looks much better though.

"And it's one of the few that have never been re-issued."

I read that Monsters in Motion (I think it was them) recast and reissued the model in limited quantities again a few years back. I always wanted to see one of the recasts because there where allegedly a few differences in materials and possibly details.
I dont think its on their website anymore now though.


Updates on the build so far..
Just noticed this small area of lights on the real one..

See it, under the twin radar dishes. I looked on the model and I dont think it's there.

I think it should be in the area I've marked in pencil so I'll have to make one :roll:


So after a bit of playing around with some Tamiya putty (great stuff), this is what I came up with complete with optic fibres

Installed in place.

Ham Salad


What I don't understand is why no one has done a bigger kit, the halcyon at 12" is really too small. I'd like a 2 ' ship....Years ago I started to scratchbuild a 3' studio scale but never finished it.


Sorry about the delay in updating you peps on here.
Here's that small area with the optic fibres in finished.



More late up dates,
Time for more plastic surgery, I wanted to light the cockpit windows so to gain better access to them I cut the whole thing off...

Then I took a mold off each window and cast some new ones in clear resin, man these things are tiny,(nearly lost one after this shot as it pinged out of my tweezers and went flying across my bench :? :? )


Captain Sci-Fi

Holy crap Neo... :shock:

My glasses would need glasses to see those. Impressive work you are doing though, this is fast becoming a master build. :D

I would be very interested in knowing about your experience with clear resins, what product you selected and why if you have a few mins to share your thoughts. I have a large project coming up in June that I need to clear cast a lot of parts for. Any knowledge would be useful please.

Keep it coming, outstanding work. :yes:


The Spinner build was getting a bit draggy so I decided to do a bit more on my Nostromo.
As I've got a clear cockpit I thought I'd better put some window frames on.

God these thing are small


OMG I dont think I've worked on anything this small before :S

Anyway it's done now and I think it was worth the effort dont you ?



I've installed some fibre optics now aswell.

As you can see from the pic there's not much room to maneuver in there, it was just a bit awkward.

Anyway here's one side lit up 8)


Been a long time since my last update but while I wait to see what's going to happen with my diving bell build I thought I'd get on with something else.
So I started replacing the aerials (antennas) on this because I thought cleaning up the supplied ones would take too long and still not look very good.

Oh well only about ten more to do :unsure: