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Halcyon USS SULACO 1/2400th Scale


Greetings all!
One that's been on the lists for longer than is healthy methinks but now done and done proper i'm thankful to say.

Well to the link thingies:
Main gallery, 22 large res pics for you to go take a looksee at.

A short and none to sweet three page ramble on the main guts of the build and paint. Only short as I really first used it so the client could get a look at things without me doing the multitudes of pic attachments to emails.
Now scribbled up in standard fashion and here be page 1.

And some reduced res thread pics to finish.



Very cool!

I stopped my build of this model since I started a much larger papermodel variant... it will be approx 220 cm long when done (1:430 scale).

But I really like what you did with yours. The stand is lasercut?


I thank you kindly folks, muchly appreciated.
Transporter, well deffo a time consuming thing on the paintwork. It wound out at four layers of masking to get the finished panel palava done then rip that lot off. The paint was all satin acrylic so once done, one coat of dark dirt wash to punch up the panel lines then go over with some acrylic matt varnish to give the next coat of dirt wash something to really bite into.

Then the usual gloss for decaling and final matt coat messing about. All good teeth gritting fun.
All covered on page 3 of the WIP log.

Callamon, I think the paper one will be easier in the long run than the Halcyon kit so crack on there.

The stand isn't lasercut. Just some 1/4" perspex sliced up on the bandsaw.
Edges were then filed down to something resembling smooth.
Then worked down with 400/600/800 wet and dry, a 3200 grit pad, then the Novus 1/2/3 plastic polish and final go over edges and flats with a felt polishing wheel in the minidrill.

In total with all the slicing up, polishing and gluing the upright on, took about an hour and a half or there abouts.
A bit of effort but worth it methinks.


Frightneningly impressive! I picked this kit up at a car boot a few years back for £4 or £5 as I recall ... sold it on; havent the skill to make it look as good as the one you've done.


Dorzac, you probably did yourself a favour getting shot of it mate i'll be honest. Not the worst kit in existance but by no means the best and for damn certain not without it's problems.
But nothing new there.

I hope at least you made ya money back. If you did with some profit then high fives all round methinks :lol: