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Hello Everybody

I'm from the Netherlands so forgive my bad englisch.
I'm an old guy.In my teenage years was a huge fan op the series Space 1999, still am ofcourse ;).In 1979 i went with my parents to England for the holidays and bought myself a Dinky Freighter(all white with red cargo area).My brother bought the green Transporter.I'm a huge sf-fan.After the series Space 1999 i went over to BattleStar Galactica ,Alien and soforth.Life continued and i lost track of my beloved Eagle.Til some 3 years ago.Wandering where those items where i phoned i mother asking if she knew where both Eagle where.We never found them :cry:

Some two weeks ago i bought an used Dinky Eagle transporter and got hooked again.I was suprised to see a lot of people were still interested in them.I did two week of full research on the net and i was stunned to see that is happing in this scene.It was truly mind boggling to see what was out there especially those garage kits etc.

My plan for now is to buy old dinky's eagles refurbish them,keeping at least 3 for myself and selling the rest.Second is to have a collection of all the 12" Product Enterprises Eagle maybe even the 23 inch.

Ofcourse while doing my research i found this forum and am really i'm glad to be ones again.Hello everybody !!

*Update: After reading this forum for 6 hour i learned one thing.I'm a total noob here.Sorry for that.I've to extend my research etc for at least 12 months to add something constructive here.Btw i just preordered the upcoming Eagle-1 Transporter Deluxe Edition Model Kit.
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We're just glad you're here.....

Hi there Interceptor! Good to have you along. Once you start exploring the threads of this rich tapestry, you'll be amazed at what you find. Looking forward to seeing your Eagles, rescued or otherwise.

Kindest regards

Thanks, what a warm welcome !! While reading some of the threads here, i'm totally love those Warp models.Pure craftsmanship.I have too make and account at The Captain's Store too, i see. I wish a day had more hours cuz i guess i need some extra time in the future.Reading this forum will be a daily event from now on. I'm overwhelmed !

I'm ETF Forum Supporter now ;)
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Ok last update for today.I totally forgot i owned an 1/72 a airfix Eagle Transporter and an airfix Hawk too.Seeing those boxes again it all came back.


For refurbishing Dinky stuff you'll find useful for those often missing and hard to find parts. I think there is a lot of mileage in buying the old dinky toys and doing amazing things with them. :thumbup:
@Thx Crimson, what i've seen so far is truly amazing.The artwork,the knowledge and Eagle's etc...i'm so glad to be here.
@Odahs.A superb-link.I really am in need of some missing dinky parts.I already ordered/bought some drums for a ridiculous high price on ebay.I even got some stickers for the drums and some stickers for the Dinky's Eagle's which i havent seen before, so i'm truly grateful.Thx ya all !
At the moment i'm bidding for an P.E. Resue Eagle-new which auction will end within 1.5 hour.The price is rather high (£99 with £75 transport free of customs charges).It's pricey to imports those goods into Holland.We see what happens.
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More for sell

Thx Crimson

The sellers has more for sale for example:



Ha! Another Dutchguy found his way to this forum! Welkom Interceptor! I have bought all the P.E.-diecast (and an 23 inch Eagle) in time, so if you ever want to see them, you're welcome.

Hi Hans

Thx for the invite, i surely want to visite you and see those Eagles (omg even an 23" )
Maybe be can exhange addresses by private messages?

Looking forward too see ya,


Sure, no problem. I'll pm you with my adress soon. I have some more PE-stuff (UFO, Thunderbirds). Looking forward to meet you!