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Hello to everyone 'cos I'm lurking about gleaning vital information from the forums :thumbup:

I'm a bit of a UFO nut case, have been since practically birth or at least from about 6 years old onward.

Just recently re-watched all the UFO DVD's and it's awakened my modelling itch. I guess first on the list is researching a studio scale Shado Mobile (I can't believe how much info is available here it's great :thumbup:) I'm also toying with the idea of a 1/6th scale version that could be crewed by action men :x

Also very cool to finally hear news via this forum of Straker's car, it's a vehicle burned into my mind like some sort of holy grail :D and having searched several times on the net for news in the past decade it's superb to hear a replica is being built :clap:

So hello to all, glad to have been touched by UFO and then later Space 1999 and in particular the fantastic model work, :clap:

Mostly in the gleaning and contemplation mode at the moment but thought it rude not to say hi
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Hello Yourself!


May your gleaning be fruitful, and contemplation take you on journeys that brim with new discovery - it all happens here. Enjoy! :)


Thanks for the welcome!

Probably the wrong place in the forum but as these are very general questions that will be easily answered by members here we go!

Am I right in thinking that the studio 2 models will be making the fiberglass body shell for the studio scale mobile again in 2014?

Also are SMT going to provide the detail parts again in the future? Currently their web site shows the parts but they do not appear to be available to buy.

Hi ODAHS, always good to see somebody else join the ETF crew. Hope you get the answers you seek, as there are so many well-informed, skilful and enthusiastic people to meet.

Kindest regards