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Help me build my workshop!!


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Help me build my workshop!! pics added.

Hi All,

Just moved into a new place. It just so happens to come with a 18' x 24' workshop!:roll: The place is a clean slate. New insulation and completely finished inside. Most of my adult life has been spent building models on the kitchen table and woodworking in a small corner of the garage. I need to pull out all the stops on this one, as I want it to be as close to highly functional space as can be. Can anyone post pics of their own workspace? Maybe some ideas of what you would have done differently. Things that are needed above others. I have most of the tools already purchased and the shop will probably serve double duty for woodworking. I just need a few ideas to get my head around. With all the possibilities that could be done, I find myself unable to come up with a clear plan. So please!! Send me pics of your workspace.

Thanks all for any help,


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Lee S

I've no pics to share, but make sure you setup a ventilated paint/spray area that is as dust free from the rest of the workshop as you can. Apart from that, Benches (Home Depot used to sell a great 'kit' bench for about $100 that are great), shelves and light!

Have fun!



Alpha149: Good luck with sorting out the workspace. My workspace is easy - I just fold up a small workbench when I'm finished :)


Have you seen this? Might be helpful to get the brain juices going.

I am kinda in the same boat you are in, but a little further along. My wife and I moved into our house last February and all I have so far is the bench built.

To make it more “space efficient” I fixed 2 x 4s to the cider blocks (actually in the mortar) with special concert anchors and liquid nails. This helped eliminate posts going down to the floor so I can get closer to the work and slide my chair along the bench without whacking my knees.

I going to use brown hardboard over the plywood top, fixed with small screws. So as the surface gets gummed up with paint and glue and what not as time goes by, I can just flip it over and start with a clean slate again.

My next step is to build a spray booth, I am going to order a Dayton Blower (265 CFMs) for this step, as the wife for some reason doesn’t like paint dust on everything. Plus its just healthier for the lungs as well.

My bench covers the corner of our basement so it’s L- shaped and I have plenty of working space and area for a fixed dermel drill station and other tools. The wall in front of it (basement wall), I cover with plywood, (first I fixed smaller strips of wood with anchors then plywood to that), so I can easily attach shelving and storage areas for tools, paint, etc.

I’ll try to post some pics for ya later in the week.

Good Luck!
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Fun Pod

Alpha149, just an idea, which worked well for me: if you want heaps of storage, you may want to consider purchasing a second hand kitchen. When our family shifted into our new home, the garage was also a blank slate, and I needed a small workshop pronto! I went on to a local auction site and purchased an entire galley kitchen for $75.00. I stripped it all down, repainted it and only needed to add new cupboard handles, a cheap power multi-box and a strip light. What I gained was thirteen cupboards of either double or triple shelving and three drawers! I took ten cupboards for "the workshop", and set up three cupboards for the laundry.
As for general set up, model kit storage on the upper shelves, "working materials" (plastic sheets, paints, tapes, adhesives etc.) immediately above my working height, larger power tools etc. in the lower cupboards. Apart from the general detritus sprawled all over the bench ("Don't move a thing - I know exactly where that thrice over-used scrap of sandpaper is!"), the set up has the benefit of being 'out of sight' (very important to the wife) when the cupboards are closed.
Good luck with (finally) setting up your ULTIMATE workshop :D


Here's a few pics for you. The Hardboard is rather rough on one side so when its seen its day it can be easily replaced with new ones for a clean surface.

There will be an extension of the bench to the right under the vent to accommodate the spraybooth.

Outside vent for Sparybooth.

Hope this helps.


Funny... I just got permission from my new landlord to use one of the basement rooms that is empty to build models. I moved in an old desk just moments ago someone abandoned down there and found this posting. Hopefully it will get me back into building models as I've had no room in my apartment.

Wanted to bring up a paint booth that I built earlier this year. It came in very handy for a few models and was very cheap to make. Here is a link to the site I found on making this:

Here is a pic of what I made, around $30 was my cost as the small bathroom exhaust fan was on sale for around $15. I used a long accordion tube for the exhaust tube so I could move it anywhere, unlike the designer's build:
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Some old kitchen units a friend was throwing out when re-modelling her kitchen have sufficed for me. I have 3 lower full sized cupboards for power tools etc., 1 set of 3 drawers for tools and the like, a half height cupboard which was the small cupboard over her double oven unit (This is what the freezer stands on so I don't have to bend down to get to the lower shelves). The worktop covers all the full height stuff and I work on that, with a large and 2 small wall units giving me extra storage. I even got a glass-fronted piece to display some of my models.

All this is in the garage which I could not park my car in anyway due to the pillars half way down which prevent me from opening the door wide enough to get out.

Cost me about £100 18 months or so ago to get it professionally fitted including adding sockets for my airbrush compressor and hairdryer.



I have just built a 22 x 28 garage with 10 foot high walls and am setting it up - project work out there will mostly be woodworking projects.

Some things I acquired or built that work really well:

Industrial storage rack - costco $185 (I bought 2)

Parts bins - costco - $150 (bought 1)

I also built a mobile workbench - 7 feet x 4 feet on industrial casters which is useful for working on large projects since you can move it away from the wall - it was also very useful when I was wiring up the garage - worked as something of a scaffold for running overhead wiring. The bottom of the bench is used for storing considerable volumes of wood.

Good luck with your shop - it looks excellent.