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help needed


Okay guys, your advice on remving labels with lighter fluid was spot on! Thanks to all who helped.
However, I have a situation that I simply cannot get round. I have to make 'windscreens' for buses (that were sold with no windows at all) and cant work out what to do to get clear sheeting to fit, as the hole in the bus as it curves in two plains (i think thats the terminology).
Can any one offer any advise on making windows that curve and get them to fit - cut from a flat sheet? :yes:


just read you are having trouble with some windows , well with any window that curves , unless its a simply bend , you will need to make a pattern ,of the window you are trying to make ,this needs to be slightly smaller than you window frame, vacforming over your pattern ,will give you the shape you want , then trim away the backing ,,



I did this once by softning the sheet in hot water and then forming it over a pattern I made using plastacine covered in tin foil, shiney side out. Smooth it into place with wet cotton wool then chill in bowl of cold water. Bit crude, but worked well enough for me.
Might be worth seeing if you can find some clear plastic packaging with the right shape to it - could be easier and quicker than trying to mould a piece to fit.