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Hi from the South East UK



I'm Bernie, I joined a couple of days ago so thought I'd introduce myself.

I've been modelling since I was about seven or eight... the big Airfix 1/24 scale P-51 Mustang in Woolies was to blame, forty (ish) years later and I've still never owned or built one! Maybe one day, although I'd probably just rob it for parts now.

I build pretty much anything that takes my fancy and tend to swap subjects on a regular basis which keeps things fresh for me although Sci-fi, aircraft and WW.1 AFVs are my main interests and I pretty much exclusively work in 1/72... not studio scale I know but it makes displaying finished models a lot easier!

I guess anyone of my age can't avoid being a huge Gerry Anderson fan, Thunderbirds, Stingray, Captain Scarlet and the occasional UFO episode were all regular Saturday morning viewing when I was growing up and they were my absolute favorite programs.

I'm an avid scratch builder and love trying new techniques with my painting and building. I've made a few masters for resin kits and cast a few of my own... if you ever see a Mr.X kit it came from yours truly... if you've ever bought a bad one it came from someone else :D

I'm planning to kick off a few new 1/72 scale projects so will post some pictures as soon as there's something worth seeing.

Never too old to play with models......

....and you're amongst friends here. Remember to post lots of nice photographs, share with us your fondest Anderson memories from your childhood and, depending upon which pages you visit, prepare to be amazed.

Kindest regards



Thanks Patrick. Well if it's Anderson memories you're after here are a few for you.

There are occasional compensations for growing up in Slough on the edge of the trading estate. As you all know that's where Century 21 Productions studios were and my brother who's a few years older than me was a regular visitor to their bins. He would fequently return home with off cuts of film... I still have about 5 frames of Fireball XL5 somewhere in my loft. Unfortunately the studios were gone by the time my skip diving career around the estate started so I never found any trophies of my own :(

My Dad who worked for EMI Sound & Vision in Hayes visited Gerry Anderson at his studios on the estate as they were interested in buying some EMI studio cameras, I can remember him telling us in later years about TB1 suspended upright with a roll of painted sky background being wound past it!

My final memory is from the early eighties when I was working as a mould maker for a fibreglass company. We were asked to make some large glassfibre satellite dish sections for a company called Bray Construction at (you've guessed it!) Bray studios, if I remember correctly they were for a Mitsubishi advert.
Gerry Anderson was making Terrahawks in the unit next door, unfortunately I never got to see him. We got locked in the compound one Sunday while finishing off the last dish segment and had to phone Brian Stag the owner of Bray Construction to come and let us out... we filled in the time by throwing polystyrene boulders at each other that had been left outside the Terrahawk studios!

So apart from all the Saturday morning entertainment I have to be thankful for there's some personal memories too.

All the best