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Hi-Hi from Moonbase Colorado

Hello Everyone, I'm Anna-Elizabeth. A wonderful friend just gave me the 1/48 scale kits of the Eagle Transporter and the Nuclear Waste Disposal Area 2 Diorama set, and I found your forum while searching for reference materials.

I was very little when Space:1999 was first shown in the USA, my older brother had an amazing toy Eagle which I was not allowed to touch. I still love the show, and I was absolutely thrilled to receive these model kits.

Other than Gerry Anderson, I love Doctor Who, Star Trek - my avatar shows my Discovery-style Captain's Delta badge on my hat, anime, Steampunk, cosplay, history, and fashion.

I've already seen some amazing model work on the forum, and I'm looking forwards to meeting you all. :)
Like I say - great taste! I may be slightly biased there, of course. I always felt that The Outer Limits and Space: 1999 had something in common, in terms of overall mood and atmosphere. Both shows have a similar sense of the vast weirdness of the cosmos - it’s unknowability. Plus of course, Martin Landau featured in a couple of episodes.
I'd have to agree that TOL and 1999 had that mood and atmosphere in common. Some of my favorite "Star Trek" segments reach that "space is dangerous" place too.

I am a great admirer of Martin Landau. He was a highlight of anything he appeared in.


Hi AnnaElizabeth!
Welcome! I’m new here too - registered many years ago but never spent any time here - until today and this is my first post! So, hello everyone!
I also am building the 1/48 Eagle Freighter and loving it. I’ve been trawling for reference materials and then remembered this site (Doh!!) and it’s been great already!
There’s some amazing work here!!
Glad to see that Gerry Anderson’s legacy lives on (He was such a lovely and unassuming man when I met him at a Fanderson conference in Coventry once upon a time - with Ed Bishop no less! A real privilege to meet them both!).
Anyway. Hello! Hoping to “meet” you all in good time...


Thank you Tazman! I will try and figure out how to post photos on my Eagle - which is coming along nicely. It’s been a great distraction during this past year which has been quite challenging and confounding, so researching Eagles has been great! It’s been therapeutic for me!
Space:1999 was an amazing show and still holds up today (I’m talking season 1. The music and writing spoils season 2 too much for me, but I still like the visual elements) - and I agree, the “space is dangerous” element is a big part of what made it so good! People died violently and it created risk and a sense of danger; therefore drama.
I also loved how the great unknown of space was recognized - Spock was the science officer in Trek and he always had an answer and would even say what a newly encountered thing wasn’t if he couldn’t say what it was when asked. Meanwhile, in contrast over on ITV and Space:1999, Commander Koenig would say “Victor! What the hell just happened?” And Prof. Bergman would rub his forehead and say “Well, John. I just don’t know.”
And that was honest and I respected that!
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