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Hi Res Interceptor Images

Captain Sci-Fi

This thread is for Hi Resolution images (BluRay quality) to aid builders and for interest/entertainment.

I have to thank Adama for his outstanding co-operation and help in making this possible.



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Captain Sci-Fi

Original Moonbase interceptor photo session

Hi Guys,

I have been meaning to share these never before (most of them anyway) seen images of the original large interceptor to help the few that are building their version.

As usual, please do not distribute but rather link to this page if you want to show others. They are my copyright taken and Phil Rae's old house or at my dining table. :D

Strictly no commercial use please.




Thanks for posting these Bernie: Phil was kind enough to let me hold the miniature way back in 1984 at the Fanderson convention that year. Um, it's a little less complete now than it was at that time. Did it have an accident or is it in the midst of more restoration?

Captain Sci-Fi

The model has had a rough life unfortunately.

As Phil has stated many times he spent years in the grip of his BiPolar illness sitting in a chair watching daytime TV. The brown staining is nicotine from cigarette smoke when Phil hung the model from his living room ceiling he chain smoked for years. The cracks in the body and nose area were the result of an accidental bad step, Phil told me he stood on the model breaking the missile and cracking the surrounding area. The loss of the undercarriage and wing damage was a quite a shock because when I saw the model for the first time at the Edinburgh exhibition it looked pristine.

Phil has been talking in recent years about restoration and moulding the body, I am unaware of this happening to date but we live in hope.

I think it's important to remember that this model was very badly damaged prior to Phil owning it, he has already rebuilt a lot of the body as entire sections were missing. The fact that it survived at all was down to extraordinary luck. This is still one of my very favourite models from all the Anderson shows and I will build a replica at some stage.


Forum Supporter
Fantastic thorough macro pictures here, excellent. sad story about its life tho :-(.
I hope Phil is feeling better these days.

my interceptor looks in that condition due to my daughter knocking it off a shelf accidentally a few years back. Mine was just a mere product enterprise version tho.