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Hi all,

So sorry, I know this is a little late, I forgot sorry...:oops:

I'm Andy, 45yrs old, ex HM Forces, I was medically discharged in '00 after a rather bad motorcycle accident I had in '97, I spent 12 months in the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford followed by 2yrs in Headley Court, it's the Military re-hab unit, I now suffer from chronic depression as well as severe PTSD as well as physical disabilities, so am unable to work, so have lots of spare time...

I am just starting to get back into modelling, last time was when I was a kid, back then though I was only allowed to build either aircraft or Royal Hussars on Horseback (very strict upbringing), scratch building was way out of the question...

Over the years I have collected/built Die-Cast cars & trucks and re-painted them in my own colours, it wasn't until recently that I started to use E-Bay and started to find the old Dinky Eagles so I bought a couple that needed overhauling, then I found a couple of Dinky Shado 2's which also needed a good bit of TLC, which I have now done ( ), again in my own colours...

Since being here and reading posts and seeing what fantastic things you all build, I'd now like to give scratch building a go, so any help/info/advice will be gratefully recieved...:thumbup:

Thank you for reading...


Captain Sci-Fi

Morning Andy,

You've had quite an adventure in your life so far, let's hope things are just as exciting but not so dangerous from now on eh? :D

Friendship request accepted, thank you for asking me. :thumbup:

I am working behind the scenes to make scratch building a whole lot easier. I am developing products to offer a range of materials and supplies that every modeller could use to build almost anything. Obviously there is a need for Eagle parts too and I am working towards that goal also.

Exciting, creative and fulfilling days ahead my friend. :yes:


Hi Andy
welcome to a very friendly bunch of helpful people!
I gave a bikes about four years ago and now whizz around if thats the word in classic cars.
I am a complete novice in model scratch bulding and Im working on two projects (Mole & Stingray) and the help ive had with advice and bits has been amazing.
Have fun!