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Ho, Ho, Ho...


Early Christmas present to myself!

It's the ~ 17" resin kit from Monsters in Motion, I'm really glad I bought it now as they've taken it down from their site so I'm assuming it was the last one???

From what I've read here on this site it's a re-cast of the old Wave kit. I usually go out of my way to avoid re-casts on moral grounds as I've made masters and resin kits of my own and would be pretty upset if someone ripped them off however I'm justifying this one on the grounds that the Wave kit is long out of production and I wouldn't have bought one in vinyl anyway.

Overall the casting is pretty good, there's a few rough spots here and there and a couple of small air bubbles but nothing that a bit of milliput and a medium sanding stick won't put right.

Diver looks to be pretty straight although some of the mould part lines are a bit rough and out of alignment so there'll be some clean up necessary.
Sky 1 is a bit sunk on the starboard side so I'll have to cut all the detail off that side fill, sand, scribe and re-attach it.

Anyway potted review over and despite a few grumbles it looks like a pretty decent starting point.

It'll have to go on the "to-do" pile for now as there's too much going on with other projects but if it really has been withdrawn I'd have been gutted to have missed out on it.

I'll post pictures when I get started on it.



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