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Holy Grails


Ok these are my holy grail pieces:

All SS or near SS

Shado Mobile ( got ) - Mamas
Thunderbird 1 ( got ) - Bens
Thunderbird 2
Thunderbird 3 ( getting ) Bens
UFO ship (got) Bernies
Angel Interceptor
Moonbase Interceptor ( getting ) Stingray48442
SPV - Mamas ( one day x :lol:)
Space 1999 Eagle (got 22" resin to be built )
Stingray ( getting ) Mamas

Might like a FAB 1 as well.
Could go for a Thunderbird 4 as well

So whats on your list? Got's and ain't got's


Sea Devil

My list

Shado Mobile - Mamas
3ft Skydiver - Mamas
2ft Sky 1 - Mamas
18inch Sky 1 -Mamas
3ft Stingray - Choco (Rob Denham)
19inch Interceptor - Steve Platt
27 inch ENA Interceptor
12 inch UFO Martin Bower
10 inch UFO Unknown producer
28 inch Angel Interceptor Mamas's Mate
18 inch TB3 Bill Oram
12 inch TB1 Bill Oram
16 inch SID Bill Oram
12 inch Angel Interceptor Bill Oram
I have an Iconic replica, 22 Eagle Transporter, TB2 (green banana) @ FAB1
My Holy grail is to have a bigger house to display this lot!


Good you have them all already Sea Devil?

As for Mamas and Bill....defo :thumbup:

Sea Devil

Hi Forza all the above models except for the SID are built, that's why I need more space!
As you can see I love all things UFO and would love a good model kit of the moon mobile and the Lunar module.


My list (all got),

SHADO Mobile - Mamas (SS)
Stingray - Mamas (30")
Terror Fish - Mamas (20")
Sky 1 - Mamas (24")
Angel Interceptor - Mamas (30")
UFO - Bernie (10")
Moonbase Interceptor - Steve Platt (19")
Moonbase Interceptor - 1612 (SS)
Stingray - RA Models (18")
TB1 - Ben (24")
TB3 - Ben (29")
TB1 - Uncl (10")
TB3 - Uncl (18")
Angel Interceptor - Uncl (12")
SID - Uncl (16")
MEV - Uncl (8")
Battletank - Uncl (12")
Elevator Car - Uncl (10")
Recovery Vehicle - Uncl (10")
Fab 1 - PE (18" display model)
Fab 1 - Amie (12" display model)
Hudson - cast from original (16")
23" Eagle Transporter - PE (display model)
23" Eagle - RU Unlimited
23" Eagle Aluminium Engines - Mike Reader
23" Eagle Labpod - Jim Small
23" Eagle Glider - Jim Small
23" Eagle Spine Booster - Jim Small
Scott Tracy Puppet - Vaughan Herriott (fully finished)
Scott Tracy TB1 Chair - my scratchbuild (SS puppet scale)
Steve Zodiac puppet - Mary Turner (first generation head cast)
Jetmobile - my scratchbuild (SS puppet scale)
Space Precinct Police Cruiser - my scratchbuild (SS 15")
Fireball XL5 - my scratchbuild (36")
Hawk - my scratchbuild (in scale with 44" Eagle)
Hawk - my scratchbuild (in scale with 23" Eagle)
Impressive lists guys
Mine is a bit more modest
SS Explosives truck
SS B7 London - on order from TITAN
Would love a decent Dredd Lawmaster (comic version)