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How did the Space Dumper get to the farmhouse?


Ever wondered where the Space Dumper came from in the UFO episode “The Long Sleep”? I might have figured that out: a Shadair C-184 Transport airlifted the SD to the location. Opening its rear cargo bay doors, the SD was ejected out where it made a soft landing at the farmhouse. Looking at the publicity photo of Derek Meddings and Ken Holt with the SHADO Mobile and the descent stage of the SD, I figured the SD is roughly the same size as the Mobile. The SD would have been controlled by computer or by someone aboard the C-184.

The figures I got were: height w/landing gear extended-20 ft.
Width-10 ft w/landing gear and fins folded.

SHADO Control Mobile: width-9 ft
Height-12 ft
Length-19 ft


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