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How international is this forum?

I am fairly new to the Eagle Transporter forum.

I don't see any mechanism for posting polls, but I wanted to poll forum participants about this...

What nation (or continent) are you from? I wanted to see how many participants are from the U.K., how many from the U.S.A. (or from North America generally) and how many are from other places.

I'm from the U.S.A.

BTW: where is this forum administered from?

Captain Sci-Fi

Worldwide interest


We have members in every continent, Europe, America (north and south), Russia, the Far East, The middle East, Africa, Australia & New Zealand, Canada, India, China and many other places.

The forum is based in the UK where much of the work our hobby follows was originated. As the internet becomes more powerful even members whose first language is not English can follow posting (and regularly do) using Google Translating software and of course good images need little explanation.

We open the doors for everyone who has something to post that will interest other members and be entertaining.

There is a field during sign up where you can log your country of residence, we don't require this but include it for interest only. So long as you are interested in the model making aspect of the hobby then you should feel right at home. :D


Im from Ireland, thought i would throw that one into the mix, with so many different countries participating on the forum it makes the world that bit smaller, that's why we need the space.


The demographics are pretty much the same as those of Moonbase Alpha.
And, unless Texas counts as its own country, I am from the USA.

Face Ache

London, UK. Then...
Peterborough, UK. Then...
Perth, Australia. Now...
Sydney, Australia.
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Born and grew up in South Africa, now in the US.

I saw Space: 1999 dubbed into a different language. It would be decades before I finally saw it as it was meant to be.