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How To Build The Mole (Thunderbirds)

paul gray

Forum Supporter
as promised some pics.first 3 are the bits used on the mole and casted versions i have made and last 3 are views of finished kit. hope these help
cheers Paul



The petrol pumps from the cafe turn up all over the place in Thunderbirds.

There are 2 halves of it on the back of the Mole.

Mike Delamar

wow I never knew of that

cheers Paul

the glass part reminds me of the London airport tower,and the base from the round house.

was wondering over the fence part that was on the yellow part of th mole too,

will have to try and pick one of these kits up, do you know of a item number?

Im not planning on making a mole, but with all the other things Ive been getting for other builds Ive now got spare airfix bits, spare aurora and revell atlas bits too.
and now Captanappollo has worked out the tracks from the side, the remco tank, may do one in the future.



Mike Delamar


I just googled "faller round restaurant",

seems cheap enough, and theres a few places that sell it so shop around me thinks