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How to shape the brass for an Eagle Frame


I still have an 22" AB Eagle laying around and I like to build the frame out of brass.
There was the great tudorial about soldering from DX.
Unfortunatly I couldn find anything about "how to shape the brass parts for the frame" and witch tools would be needed for this. :think:

Big Rab

Forum Supporter
I just used a flat file, and a couple of different sized round ones, for profiling the ends when I built my Eagle.
I made a few silly mistakes along the way but once you get started cutting and filing, you will be surprised how fast it all comes together.

If you are not sure on the right orientation of the angles, just practise on a small length of plastic tube (EMA?) first.

As i progressed with mine, to make it easier for me, I started drawing a pencil line down the length brass tubing before filing the ends to shape. This was so that when the first profiled end of the tube was (hidden) in the vice, i knew that the other end would be shaped in the correct plain (I hope you can see what I mean by that?)

This is my 44" build

which was based on Tobor's beautiful build

It will be a bit more tricky on the 22" Eagle because of the physical size, but the very same principles.

Hope that helps :thumbup:


Has anyone every built or tried to build a 44" Eagle using something other than the brass tubes for the frame work? I remember seeing a tube made out what looks like a multi-layered carbon fiber or something like that. The 10 in piece I was looking at and holding was so stiff and ridged I could it would make perfect material for an Eagle.


Some of the builders on here right now are using carbon fibre rods & resin castings. My first 44" Eagle was built like this. The frame is stiff but not strong enough to properly support the whole model and pod without some pronounced twisting. The only solution in this case is to secure the pod to the corridors with screws or long bolts thus strengthening the whole model in to one srtructure.