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I finally have a Lego Eagle!

As some of you here know I collect ALL kinds of Eagles…plastic, metal, resin, wood (yes, wood!)…and my collection wouldn’t be completed if I didn’t add an Eagle made of...LEGO! :)
I’ve been waiting a long time for such opportunity and thanks to Eagle12 who recently noticed this jewel on eBay, I was able to finally realize my aspiration!
This model is 40cm long and was built by Mike, who also recently sold on eBay another Eagle (Freighter version).
Thank you again to Eagle12 for the heads-up...and to Mike for a brilliant work and top service! :thumbup:



That's not to be sneezed at size wise either. Very nice. The guy's a bit of a square though ;)

Lee S

I got the freighter, but I won't see it for many moons :-(
and yes I really need a JD figure!!!



Very nice setup indeed. :thumbup::yes: Nice lighted up eagle pad etc. I was going to bid on one of the lego eagles but something came up. Yes I have the lego fever and I have a idea of what I want to do but will take time and to see if the eagle flies. Working on a lego eagle fleet thanks to Ron's fantastic job on the Eagle lego plans. Still working on getting alot of lego's for my plan of action. Will share when many fleets are assembled.
The pictures of Jorge's lego eagle makes me feel like :drool: over it. Very nice indeed
Thank you alphachild, and all the others, for your nice comments.:)

Alphachild….since you’re currently working on an Eagle fleet why not taking it a step further and be the first to assemble an…..Hawk!!!!!!!! :brows: :yes:
The idea probably crossed your mind.... ;)


Forum Supporter
Another nice Eagle to your ever growing collection Jorge. :thumbup:

Anyone up for a matchstick Eagle model then.....


If they'd used cheese one could readily get building materials from the moon. Rather tasty with wine too.


Oh dear :lol: .... you're not coming to pieces are you? Or do you feel like you're just another brick in the wall and you want to soar like an eagle?


:lol::lol: That's just awful..... :lol: I can't think of anything to reply... I'm having a mental BLOCK
I'm not so into these LEGO Eagles - but perhaps I'm just a little square minded !? ;)

Dear Tony & Ostrein,

I am very sorry, but I find your arguments too plastic! You will need to BUILD a better argument! You two have a rather large L---EGO! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Have to go now and download that great song from Nena: 1999 Red Balloons! :brows:
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