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Ian Scoones Liberator scratchbuild


The Liberator from Blakes 7 is my second favourite SF craft ever. A classic, beautiful design by Roger Murray Leach.
Its not that well known that the shows special effects head, Ian Scoones, had a go at designing the ship before Roger's was approved.
Radically different, and nowhere near as beautiful, i still like the design, so thought i'd have a go at making it.
I'm using foamboard for the initial construction, which i then clad in Plasticard and will soon be adding kit parts.
The three sets of dark areas i first thought of as being much like the exposed working areas on the Millenium Falcon but i nixed that idea as i'm assuming Ian's version was still as massive as the final version, and at that scale, it wouldn't work.
So, instead, i'll be having the front two pairs being recessed gold panels as a nod to the gold banding on the final version, and the rear pair i'm having as launch bays.



It's a slog cutting out smaller panels for the Scoones Liberator. So, to break the tedium, I'm adding tiny kit bits. And coach lines. And a tiddly wink. And I've started painting the launch bays.