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IMAI 13" T2

Big Boris

Has anyone built an IMAI 13" T2 ?

I have just purchased one- and judging by the photos, looks as tho it requires some heavy mod's..

-tail too high, and too thick, and wrong profile

-cockpit windows misplaced etc-

any ideas on where to get blueprints?


Slate Mcleod

Hi Boris,

I've a feeling that you have the same Imai TB2 that another forum member, Slate Mcleod had a go at a while back ...

He was making a good fist of it too but not sure if he ever finished it or shelved it. After seeing how much is involved I decided not even to try to fix mine ... there's only so much you could do with this kit & life's too short.

It's still a "work in progress" .....kind of !...been sat on top of my monitor for the last year ! My advice is...don't attempt to accurise it if you want to keep your sanity ! I keep meaning to pick this one up again as it only now needs the lower windows re-glazing and the forward intakes re-making from styrene. Once it's at the "paint stage" I could finish it within a week. It probably only needs about 12 hours work to get it to that point I just haven't had the time or the inclination recently. It will NEVER be 100% accurate I've realised...just too many defects.


Big Boris


Telstar- thanks for the link-I really appreciate it- !

and Slater- what a colossal effort-!!!
Your model has developed really well- and full marks for your tenacity !!
and your reference pic's are great !!

My model is still in transit, from an e-bay purchase- so I'm doing "some homework" on this projetct during the interim..

Slater- Your've done a great job capturing the 'lines 'of T2 - really great work mate-

and thanks for posting the details up for me-
I'm halfway through a 1/32 Tiger Moth at the moment...T2 next !!


Slate Mcleod

Good luck with it Boris ! I have to admit had I known how many modifications it would take to even get it to the degree of accuracy it is now I probably wouldn't have bothered (!) But I really should give myself a kick up the backside to complete it now its come this far.