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Imai Captain Scarlet Spectrum Helicopter


Forum Supporter

This is the old Imai Spectrum Helicopter from Gerry Anderson's 60s TV show Captain Scarlet. I removed its toy-like features of working missiles and a huge under fuselage container for a battery to make it more like the studio model. I'm a bit disappointed in how it turned out. I tinted the main cabin windows to hide the big old electric motor and wish I had ditched the motor and fitted a few seats and left the windows clear. The tinting has changed the whole look of the thing to my eyes.

Anyway, it's done and I opted to add a few stencils to liven it up and changed its serial number. The decals are for A-42 and I think that is the only Spectrum helicopter that appears in any episode of Captain Scarlet but I could be wrong. In any case, A-42 gets destroyed. So I numbered mine S-21 and will say it is a VIP transport and hence the tinted glass!

The motor does power the rotor. So I may play around with that one day to see if I can get any 'action' shots.