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Imai Sky 1


I've had this kit in my stash for a while now and decided I wanted to build something quick and - ahem - simple... foolish notion!

So of course the first thing to do was throw out all the toy features and try to fix the various inn inaccuracies. So the missile pods got replace by spares from a 1:32 Revell Hawker Hunter, the bottom of the fuselage was completel rebuilt out of plastic card and some brass mesh and by luck in my stash I had this kit:

which was one of 4 last year that sacrificed their missiles to make the fins for the pod torpedoes of my Halcyon Aliens Dropship! By sheer chance, the cockpit is an almost perfect fit inside the Sky 1 kit, so adding a resin figure I was able to create this:

So then it came to painting - I used Ford Oyster Gold Metallic as the base and then layered Tamiya Gold, silver, Metallic Grey and Gun metal over it and used various MiG washes to dirty it up.

Its nowhere near a replica of the studio model, but it looks like Sky 1 so I'm happy enough with that, coupled with a base that turned out a lot better than I expected!

The decals were various bits left over in the spares box and a certain amount of artistic licence was used in their placement! The "SKY" is a bit too big and the various "1"s are a bit too small I think, but again it came down to what I had available in the spares box at the time as I didn't want to spend too much on this...





Clear bathroom sealant over a dark blue painted base, with artists acrylic zinc white drybrushed on for the whitecaps.

Main problem is the sealant still stinks, even after a week and a half outside in the garage!


Excellent water effects.. I found loads of informative you-tube videos and forum posts detailing this type of water effect when trying to make my base for my current little build project in the breakaway section.:yes:

Builders were listing an acrylic clear sealant that doesn't smell, didn't seem to be solvent based and comes out white but dries clear.( Like PVA I guess ).

I being a tight guy used a cheap pound shop acrylic decorators caulk, a skewer and some artists acrylic tubed paints and worked the thing till I got the wave effects and splashes I was wanting, then when dry painted various blues, greens and grey washes over, then tipped the waves with white. Standard auto lacquer was sprayed over when all dry giving a wet sheen.. :D

...So now I better get on with the build log but once again a most excellent water effect. :clap:
Just out of interest what have you mounted SKY 1 on and how did you manage to disguise the mount using clear sealant?

Regards Andy :)


Thanks guys :)

The middle of the base has a half inch thick block of MDF scrap I found in the shed, glued with PVA to the base of the picture frame. This is there to give support to two 5mm acrylic rods drilled into it at an angle that then support the model from the jet exhausts. These are wrapped in cotton wool.

The block was painted a dark blue colour and the clear bathroom sealant spread over it and teased into the splashes using three applications of selant over a 2 day period. The first layer covered everything and was ripped to give the basic structure. This then had a thin coat of Tamiya clear blue sprayed over it to give it an extra blue tinge. When this was try another layer was spread over, bulking up the middle and starting to form the waves and splashes. This was left for a few hours and the final layer put on that concentrated around the middle bit and pulled the "water" up into its distinctive leaping shape.

This was then left out in the garage for 2 days to cure then I used zinc white artist acrylic paint and drybrushed the whitecaps of the water in, keeping it minimal to avoid overdoing it and then putting it back in the garage for a week to let the smell die down.


That looks pretty damn good - you put more effort into "accurizing" Sky 1, I didn't go mad over that for mine as I didn't want to spend a ridiculous amount of time on it. Most people who see it go "Wow!" and don't notice that its not perfectly accurate to one of the Studio models.

I got to compare it with one of the studio scale replicas on Sunday at Smallspace and to be honest there are a few things I could have improved on, but I was seeking the overall impact of the display and only a few people (okay, you guys) are going to notice the "faults" :)
Boldman, what you did with the Imai kit was superb and given the fact that it wasn't really a scale kit, and more of a 'toy' for 5 year olds, did it far more justice than it ever deserved. :thumbup:

I kind of went into it a bit more because I didn't make just for my own amusement (the kit would have gone straight into the bin after 10 minutes if it had been) , but because it was for an old friend of mine's 50th birthday present.

Well done I say to anyone who tackles this 'kit' and makes it more than something that should be pushed across the floor on its plastic wheels!
Reach for the Sky......

Boldman, noted with interest your comments about the few wee things you felt weren't quite right about your project but, frankly, you should be very proud of the outstanding effect you've created. It's a static model but it absolutely shouts movement, and truly captures the essence of an iconic Anderson vehicle. That's why the Forum is such a vital area for firing the imagination - of all things, bathroom sealant!!


I am pleased to say that this model won the inaugural Gerry Anderson Memorial Trophy at this year's IPMS Nationals in Telford at the weekend:

Apparently that silver trophy contains one of the original engine bells from the studio 44" Eagle 1. Sadly I had to give it back but can keep the wooden plaque. Needless to say I'm rather chuffed :)
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Well done Boldman!!!!

Boldman, that's some achievement, and you should rightly be proud of both the standard of workmanship and the accolade which it's received. The Anderson spirit truly does live on, in so many different ways.....

Kindest regards