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In Which Episode...


Did we me see a character changing the magazine of a Federation Blaster?

I want to try and get some screen caps :)


In the episode aftermath the federation leader removes the magazine before handing the weapon to Avon.


Thanks for that. A lot of the pictures in that thread weren't working last time I looked, but Photobucket seem to have cranked up the steam turbines this morning :)


Chief Eagle Pilot
Thanks Ham !

Yes I did post a pic of the original prop a while ago...
And it was from Powerplay.
There was only one of those made for that one scene, never seen before or after Powerplay, epispde 2 of season 3.

I know Bernie has had a few problems with photobucket of late, so that could explain that !!!
I've had big problems on the internet over the last week, we had an electrical storm last weekend, so that was probably what fryed my router...

Back to normal now though... :)

Andy H.
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