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Interest Thread: Resin Mobile Wheels

I'm thinking about resin casting the wheels from the Tiger Joe Tank. There seems to be less and less of these items. It may or may not be worth it to mold the wheels, but I wanted to get everyone's input.

I'm not sure about the cost yet. I wanted to see how many people might be interested.

Thank you,

I have different resins for different applications. I could try some mineral or aluminum filled resins which is rock hard. How much does an average scratchbuilt Mobile weight?

Big Rab

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I did some moulds/casts for the ribbed "rear" wheels for my Mobile. I just re-moulded the ribbed / sprocket ones (used on the front of the mobile) and sanded off the sprockets.. . .

I had to do them in two parts, but most of them turned out very usable indeed (Is that right Rob?)

I think that even the normal resin will be strong enough for a static display,,,, however! if you are going to RC and take it out on the road, i would go for a tougher mix of some kind!

Graham N

Hello Robert,

The only cast resin TJ wheels I have seen have been from the Studio 2 Mobile kit and they were terrible. No doubt you could do better yourself but I would have thought that you could still source a cheap enough Tiger Joe - especially as you are in the US?

They are around, I picked up a set of wheels, tracks & axles for only £20.00 here in the UK a couple of weeks ago, I know that examples in pristine condition fetch big bucks but there are some damaged TJ's offered from time to time (mine was missing a pair of middle wheels which of course didn't matter) and often the wheels and other bits you need for the Mobile are in one piece.
Doesn't seem to be any interest for this. I've decided not to do it. The Roaway Pathfinder uses the Tiger Joe wheels, tracks, and fenders, so I'll use it for that.

Thanks, R


Hey all.

Great forum you have going here, and many thanks to Captn Sci-Fi for keeping it running smoothly.

I'm starting work on a SHADO mobile, and wondered if anyone has access to full dimensions of the 21-22" studio model, including the wheels?

I'm going to have to make the wheels, then resin cast them - it's the only viable option, so I wondered if anyone with access to one could put the dimensions of an original up in this thread.

I have attached an image of a draft model at 1.5" diameter, which looked to be about right.




  • Ribbed_Wheel_800px.jpg
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Don't you hate it when you tell yourself "Just five more minutes"?

It never happens. You know you're kidding yourself.


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They're around 60mm wide, a little shy of 2 and 3/8". They taper very slightly toward the rib in the middle (in other words each half is very slightly conical), so they increase in width at that point by a mil or so. The rib has a diametre of 64mm.

All the info you could want is in this thread in the reference section (which I believe doesn't show up on forum searches!).