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Interesting documents in the BBC archives


Just discovered that the BBC has uploaded loads of really interesting internal documents about Doctor Who, one of which deals with their thoughts on Sci-Fi productions in 1962.
I wonder what happened to change their mind between 1962 and 1963 (start of Doctor Who) because they were quite certain that 'bug eyed monsters' and 'tin robots' were a very bad idea in 1962.
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Captain Sci-Fi

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OMG this stuff is amazing, thank you so much for posting this link, it really makes fascinating reading. I had a quiet smirk at the "Man in there" comment with reference to "bug eyed monsters and tin robots".

Some of the comments are prophetic and taken in hindsight, make it pleasurable to be able to confirm the commentators views, I bet one or two staff at the BBC would be very satisfied at the size and popularity of the franchise today. It's not often that one series can define what the BBC is all about but Dr Who really hits that mark.