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Into the cab of a MOBILE


I just got my first PE SHADO Mobile and was wondering if anyone has any instructions anywhere on how to get into the cab so I can repaint the drivers. There was a great tutorial on this board for taking PE Eagles apart to paint their walkways -- anything similar for the Mobiles?


The thread I posted on removing the weathering on these has some info.

Here it is again.

The simple answer is, turn the mobile over and underneath you'll find near the front a rectangular cover that hides the screw. At the rear its the circular cover. These should happily come off by running your finger nail under the edges. Once the base is off its straight forward. When taking the cabin apart be gentle with the dash as the two lugs that hold it in position when the mobile is closed will break very nicely and you'll need to replace them. On only one of the four I opened did I manage to remove it without snapping at least one... easily replaced.