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IPMS National Show 2012


I'm still catching my breath and resting up from my trip to the IPMS National show/convention in Orlando last week. I can report that I spotted 2 Space: 1999 related models on the tables. One was a small Hawk, which looked really good but I forgot to snap a photo of it. The other was a very nicely done Ultraprobe Command Module which was done by one of the members of this forum. I got a chance to talk with him for a few minutes and he was nice enough to open the case it was in and let me get some snaps of it. So, here they are. I hope the gentleman who built it will step forward and identify himself!

Oops - backup.. I was SURE I took a photo of the Hawk, so I went back and looked and, sure enough, I did! (see below)

Here's photo #1:

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I have started working on a page for my web site with a full photo report on the show. I'll let y'all know when it's ready.

Here's photo #2: