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Don't know if anyones seen (or is bothered about!) the IR TARDIS Console- ABSOLUTELY NO KITBASHING or GARAGE KITS were involved in the making of this prototype!

Also more pictures HERE:

Little movie here:


Commander Ret.
Now, that is a thing of beauty. :thumbup:

It'll be interesting to know how accurate it is (I'm no big Who fan) but it looks sweet to me. I was disappointed that the clear tubey hooja-ma-flip doesn't go up and down though? Is it meant to?

Very nice work Ian, I sincerely hope China doesn't wreck it in the translation because I could be sorely tempted with this... :)


Chief Eagle Pilot
I haven't a clue if its accurate but it certainly looks like a very nice piece of workmanship.:thumbup:
Does anybody know which TARDIS console it is? They revised it many times over the years. I got a chance to play with the controls of a Tom Baker era version at a museum exhibit in London and this one seems 'different'. By different I mean the controls had a lot of physical differences between them, some were just plexiglass cut-outs with rule tape and rub down lettering (I remember one labeled 'Black Hole Indicator', which must have been done for a close up shot). This TARDIS console looks more unified in materials/design of controls.


It's the console from 'An Unearthly Child', ie episode 1, series 1- the first William Hartnell story. Apart from the "Fast Return switch", which turned up in the second part of 'The Edge of Destruction', which is on it 'cos it looks nice! :D


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Oooops I did not notice that, it should have been the other thumb, Mind you Mark you are not that far off to be honest. :p :lol:


I want to be in the room when whoever buys this is having a play and tries to imitate the Tardis dematerialisation sound. Maybe we should make that our next contest? :)