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Is Mrs. Bain alive???

Saw C.S.I to night special guest star B. Bain well it looks like her
But i thought she passed on of lung cancer????

well no biggie just was wondering
had a great Turkey day hope you did all have a great Thankness Giving :D


i love imdb, i must visit it at least 3 times a day

and im always surprised how i see a certain actor/actress in a series growing up and i always expect them to look like that forever for some reason and i am blown away when i end up recognizing them when they are in a recent movie or show. these people are immortalized on film and they shouldnt grow old!
:notworthy: i beg her forgivness hopefull Mrs. Barbara Bane
was not upset by my error

well with that out of the way i should be ok for the next year or so (RIGHT hee hee) :D time for me to get some :zzz:
She was also in a Diagnosis Murder I saw recently with Robert Culp, Robert Vaughan and Patrick Macnee, actually playing Cinnamon Carter. Episode was called Discards, and must have been made a while back as Pat Macnee was fairly active. About the same time I think she also appeared in Murder She Wrote, but haven't seen that one.

paul gray

Forum Supporter
i saw this episode and she had a billing before the show started so i thought she would have a big role. one scream and that was it ,5 seconds of screen time.hardly worth it i would have thought.
cheers Paul
Guess this must have been the episode mentioned at the top of this thread - missed the screening, but saw her name in the TV guide cast list. Surprised she was even listed if she had such a small role !

Dr Kane

i thought she would have a big role. one scream and that was it ,5 seconds of screen time.

Am I the only person who's reminded of Police Squad (precursor to the Naked Gun movies)? They had a running gag where the 'special guest artists' were killed off in the opening credits, usually by something absurd like a safe falling on them from an upstairs window.

Forgive me for commenting on an old post - I'm new here....


Correct, 7 to Carter's 5 (???) but I think Carter was there for some of Koenig's so he was able to assist in crashing as well as crashing eagles himself. Very impressive flight record all round.