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Its all just Paper

Lt. Dyson

Hi everyone

started this thread for display all the paper models i made till now and of course for everyones else as a showroom. ;)

I want to start with this classic Sci Fi models

TinTin Rocket to the Moon

followed up by
Fireball XF5

and the Tardis with K9

thats all for today

for those of you who are too curios here the link to my online albums :thumbup:


yeah stiki, Alpha and Command Center are 'genius'!
I had to stare at Alpha for a while, not believing it's only paper!

Lt. Dyson

Moonbase Alpha and CC Paper Model

I really must say WOOWW to stiki work on Alpha and the CC :thumbup::thumbup:

if my research are right he made it all by himself :clap:

hope that you once share them with us :roll: stiki

here are two adresses of some other Space 1999 paper models

the first is a small collection of models most allready know,

the second one i just found and their is a very nice and easy paper model their for all here that want something iconic of Alpha an Commpost


Its all just paper

Hey All!

Thanks for your kind comments.

I'm sorry my models are not available for download.
They were all custom made...
Here's a couple more examples:

Moonbase Alpha - sadly never completed - but yes it is all card!

Commander Koenig's Year One Command Desk scaled to Palitoy Action Figures

Maya's Desk from Year Two Command Center scaled to Palitoy Action Figures

Command Center scaled to 3 3/4 Action Figures

Lt. Dyson

Sorry to hear that stiki :(

but anyway its shows a great deal of talent in paper model building :clap::clap:
and big thanks for sharing those pics of them with us.

wish i could make something like that, but i'm just good in building them not creating them :p

but to keep the thread alive here now a picture of my Joel Owens Commpost


Steve Gerard

stiki, brilliant work on Alpha Moonbase, Koenig's Main Mission desk and the perfect Command Center.:clap:

Lt.Dyson excellent Joel Owens Commpost.
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Great Commpost!

I did something similar myself - it's here in this shot of some dioramas I did for a FANDERSON event:

and here again in it's original model setting:

Lt. Dyson

Impressive not even close to what i would wish to say but dont know anything else in english just can


That dioramas looking just gorgeous



Thank You!
Last one for now:

The "Dragon" from "Dragon's Domain - one of my favourite models...

and as used at the event: