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Jeff Wayne version of the Fighting Machine


Forum Supporter
I would not describe it as awful, but it could definately be improved upon.

The base/plinth is round and has a diameter of around 8 inches or there abouts and is about 1/2 to 3/4 inch in depth, the edges are embelished, and has what looks like a small ish round pin/handle, I assume that is for pulling open the CD storage part of the base. The MFM is standing over a building that it has just 'heat rayed' the building has an hole on the roof with an explosion coming out of it, there is a crowd of people running out of the building, in what looks to be IIRC around 1/44th scale or maybe a bit smaller than that, as the figures are really quite small, the MFM stands maybe 10 to 12 inches high.

The explosion does not look particulary good and I think that that is part of the problem, it makes it look a little bit 'tacky' more like a vinyl toy type of thing, (something like Applause would release), if you get my meaning, rather than a really nice collectable.

As I said in my previous post, the Comet MFM when finished looks a far better propostiton, bear in mind that the Comet MFM is just a shade over 12 inches and is in approx 1/100th 1/96th scale so the nearest scale for figures would be 15mm, which is what I used on the three WotW diorams's that I built.

I suppose it will all come down to price, however with what I have seen so far I will definately not be getting one, especially given that this is for supposedly discerning customers, obviously people with far more money than sense. :x


Commander Ret.
Lol. This has to be the crappest thing I've seen in my entire life. :roll:

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


Yep, despite me not being too much in JW warmachine that really is tacky. Sorry the dream has turned into a nightmare. the other Warmachine on the other site that Commander said that it wasn't would have been the better choice - I actually liked that version.


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I really ought to have taken a picture of the completed Comet kit, the finish on that was lovely, although the base was missing the Thunderchild for some reason, that kit is by FAR superior to the collectable, and IMHO that is what they should have been aiming for, a good quality finisdhed model not what they have actually produced.

As the Commander mentioned, it appears again to be a complete lack of market research and understanding, them telling us what they think we want, rather than asking us the customer what we actually want. :x

Oh well if it costs them sales its their own bloody fault, although I saw no mention of likely price with piece on display, so I await that bit of news with some expectation, mind you that will just be to see how wrong they get that as well. :?


Looks like a mass-produced bit of tat...detail was non-existent. Designed for casting quickly with little or no additional detail assembly required...a big disappointment.

I think collectors are very discerning, and on a model of this sort of size, expect to see all the detail which is evident in the original album paintings.

The position of the legs - all three completely vertical - also looked wrong...there's no 'action' here, no menacing feel to the machine...just static, standing over a poor representation of a 'heat rayed' house...

Not something I'll be purchasing...though I'm looking forward to the Comet offering.

How many people here had Comet's original Martian tripod which he brought out many many years ago now...? Mine's in pieces right now after having taken a nosedive off a high shelf some years ago...but not beyond repair.



OMG! An eight-year-old child could do work at least that well, and probably better with a little coaching! What a disappointment.
If this thing were a mass-produced (and inexpensive) toy, I could accept the quality level, but as a collectible piece, no way!

By the way, PreHEstoric, I think even the Lilliput collectibles are better detailed than this thing!


hate to be the odd one out, but I dont really like these models, as they seem to be sculpted on the newer 'digital' fighting machine for the live show/animation. The original paintings by geoff taylor and mike trim (i.e. the real ones) had a slightly different 'eye' shape and various other slight differences. The more up to date model just doesn't look as good in my honest

but like clint says, 'opinions are like ....'


Eagle's comments on the WOTW board regarding this 'thing' are really funny.

So totally blunt and honest. I was near peeing my self with laughter. Basically because they're so true! Well done commander! hehe