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Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds - Live


WOTW has now made it to the Stage...with Richard Burton

To celebrate this classic album, Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of The Worlds Tour has been announced with dates in venues across the UK next year. When Jeff Wayne’s Musical Version of The War of The Worlds was first heard it was a completely innovative work and the rest is musical history. The album has gone multi-platinum in many countries around the globe!

Jeff Wayne's Musical The War Of The Worlds Tickets - The War Of The Worlds Tour Dates
Jeff Wayne's The War Of The Worlds Tickets – Bournemouth BIC – 15/04/2006
Jeff Wayne's The War Of The Worlds Tickets – Cardiff CIA – 16/04/2006
Jeff Wayne's The War Of The Worlds Tickets – London Royal Albert Hall - 18/04/2006
Jeff Wayne's The War Of The Worlds Tickets – Birmingham NEC – 19/04/2006
Jeff Wayne's The War Of The Worlds Tickets – Nottingham Arena – 20/04/2006
Jeff Wayne's The War Of The Worlds Tickets – Glasgow Clyde Auditorium – 22/04/2006
Jeff Wayne's The War Of The Worlds Tickets – Manchester MEN Arena – 23/04/2006



Commander Ret.
Possibly, but as I'm now finding, they're all sold out... :(

Curse my lazy ass... :bang:


Finally got me tickets for this yesterday - only booked them 6 months ago! - which is for Bournemouth on the 15th.
Will report back.
Also, yeah, got the remastered box set. The 5.1 mix is stunning - but only plays in that format on compatible players. Have to take it round to a friends to get the full effect. :?


There was an article in the Evening Standard the other night with a shot of the Richard Burton thingey....looks like a real winner.

Can't wait to hear how you guys get on.



Long trek to Bournemouth last night.
Amazing, amazing stuff.
Kind of odd to go from a damp grey Bournemouth into an auditorium
that houses a (full size?) Fighting machine and a huge hanging head.
Good atmosphere as the place filled up and various extended riffs on
the remixes slowly got louder and louder.
Starts up, the Richard Burton head starts the opening monologue, as
it gets to "... they drew their plans against us" the string section
raise their bows in readiness and you can almost hear the collective
intake of breath. And then:
What can i say? Perfect! The string section was absolutly spot on,
sounding exactly like the album and lovely and loud.
Guitars were dead impressive too but there were a couple of riffs -
the Heat Ray for instance - that were different and i don't think
were as good as the original.
The drumer was awesome and really gave it his all.
Synths were there but, by their nature, weren't exactly prominent
The girlie on harp and the rest of the percussion really got into it
ALL the singers were top notch and perfect for their roles. To be
able to sing and act on nothing but a ramp and thin strip of stage
takes some doing. The Artlillery Man was particually good,
especially his long, long solo performance, filling in the gaps
between his lines brilliantly.
The backdrop screen showing CGI footage, stock footage and shots of
the album art was a nice touch and the Fighting Machine hugely
impressive - although it not being able to be at full height did
obscure the screen somewhat.
Loads of merchandise was a bit of a suprise and i ended up with the
excellent programme and the Handling Machine blueprint t shirt. Wish
i could've afforded more.
So then, a great WOTW themed day (we'd called in at Woking on the
way down to visit their FM and have a stroll round Horsell Common)
and the 2.5 hour journey back to Kent flew by, helped by bunging the
album back on.
If you can get tickets please do.
If you can't get tickets, it most probably will be touring again
sometime in the future and there'll be a live DVD out in November.
Here's a link to shots from the show:


You'll love it!
The only downside to it is trying to relate it to someone who won't be seeing it.
There's the DVD in time but it's not the same.
Have a great time Eagle and let us know your thoughts eh?


As i say, there was loads of tour merchandise, unhappily at tour prices:

Got a brown t shirt with the Tripod blueprint details - £20
Programme. Very nice with a nifty 3D gatefold centre - £10
There were album covers and logo t shirts again at £20 but they looked a bit naff.
Fleece jacket with logo - £50
Logo baseball cap - £10
Logo key ring - £6
Crystal key ring with stunning FM etched on it - £8
Logo mug - £6
Excellent Tripod blueprint mug - £6
Lithograph prints - very nice and i think about £20
The 7 disc collectors set for a whopping £77.

The guy on the stand said they do mail order and there's details in the programme but there's not. And if you go on the merchandise site, none of last nights stuff is there.
Kind of odd that they didn't have the remastered remix album as its out on Monday and you'd think they might've had some.
No pre-paint Tripod either which was a real shame as well.
Mind you, they only take cash and cheques so the credit card would've been useless anyway.

As for the photos, there was no announcement one way or another.
Some folk did use their cameras with flash - much to the annoyance of folk (and a waste of time, what with the way the smoke hanging in the air would've whited everything out) and a lot used their camera phones which again was blummin' distracting.
Personally, i was so caught up with it i never thought about taking shots anyway.
Did take a few though at the very end as everyone filed out.
Pic doesn't compare to when its all lit up - and Richard Burton really doesn't look like the Mekon - but its interesting to see the colour scheme on the Tripod:



What's Elvis doing there?

Looks most excellent....I'm sure those who have tickets for the tour can't wait.



I wonder if they would ever consider an international tour. Being down under puts me way out of reach for something as phenomenal as that. I just WOTW. I love the guitar work at the point of the opening cylinder – shivers.


Commander Ret.
Uuuuuuulllllaaaaaaaaa indeed! :eek: What a great show (just back from it!)


Here's my thoughts:

Prologue: Totally unnecessary in my opinion - kinda took the edge off the intro and opening bars. Every one knows the story so why bother?... :(

Opening title: Shoot the sound man! It might just have been the venue but the strings simply weren't loud enough. More volume maestro!


I'd approached this gig with some reservation. The album has, since it's release, been my all-time favourite musical score - by a long shot! So, I really didn't want to be let down by a totally different sounding version or some half-arsed attempt at breaking new ground. Unsure of what to expect, I'd asked around on the WoTW forum for an insight - and was more than relieved to hear that they were just playing the album as it originally was, albeit with a few extra licks here and there. The synth section was decidedly weak however; not as crisp and punchy as the album. Unforgiveable that one in my opinion - especially in this day and age. That said, I decided after the first few minutes that I should take it as it was and go with the flow - after all, Jeff was at the helm and it's his baby!!


Once in the flow of things musically, the visuals really took over. Not high-tech - not by a long shot - but had they been they might have overpowered the music (as difficult a task as that may be!) They were good and complimeted the music very well; a mix of album art and specially made effects.

Acting/Vocals (of note):

A real show-stopper for me would have the acting and especially the vocals. JWWoTW wouldn't be JWWoTW without Richard Burton; so keeping his narration was the wise-move. I was unsure though how the young actors/singers were going to handle the parts.

The first minute of the Artillery Man, played by Alexis James, had me cringing in my seat - purely because again I was sub-conciously expecting David Essex. Rolling with it once more though, I soon warmed to him - and his performance on 'Brave New World' was nothing short of stunning! :clap:

Justin Hayward was, well, Justin Hayward! ('Sung thoughts of the Journalist'/Forever Autumn). He looked slightly uneasy in the role for some reason. Puzzling, given his stage experience. Vocals were all good stuff though - good to have another original voice.

Russell Watson's role as Parson Nathaniel was a little over-acted I thought. However, it must have been the most difficult part to emulate; that of the late, great Phil Lynott. It was a powerful rendition alright - but for me the inflection/emphasis was all wrong (i.e not as Phil did it!). Probably just me expecting too much again. :roll: ;).

Tara Blaise (Beth). 'Woman of the Match' as far as I'm concerned - and quite a looker too! :brows: She has a great voice and was perfectly cast for the role. Just how Julie Covington would have sung it in my book! :thumbup:


Hmm. Just the usual keyfobs, mugs t-shirts - not much interest for me. I turned down the event programme initially as experience told me this would be full of advertising and space-filling pretty pictures. Quick peeks over unsuspecting shoulders and I was hooked - so I bought one on the way out. At £10, it's a bit steep but the printing is top-notch. It's full of informative stuff about the conception of the work, the history of the WoTW story, set design, direction, music, imagery, CGI, cast and crew. Tip: buy one for yourself and one for eBay! ;)


Winner. I'd go see it again in a heartbeat - and I'd enjoy it all the more next time round. :)