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Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds - Live


Shoot the soundman indeed - when we went the day before the strings were lovely and loud, synths to the fore as they should have been.
The only prob i had was somewhere near the end, when everyone was going for it, when the mix was so high it drowned out Burton.
Small quibbles though. Like Eagle, we'd see it again in a shot.
Seems its THE event at the moment according to the media.
I was planning to go again this year, but when I saw the ticket prices I thought again. Just a tad too expensive this time. However, for anyone who missed it last year, I can recommend it.



His concert is coming down under, late September - Tickets available soon - need to find out where though. At the Rod Laver Arena Melbourne- big place so need to get seats close to the action. This should be good...


Man its bloody expensive! $100 for low class seats to $200 for up front - I may have to reconsider or save seriously fast.


Well last night my wife and I sat through this, what an awesome concert, 12,000 people enyoing this classic live - and its a repeat perfomance again tonight.

It was great to hear and see this - I'm glad I took my binoculars . It was much better than sitting through the pre-liminary footbrawl final that was on next-door, man, the crowds! I was a little worried with Shannon Noll being one of the performers but he came up trumps, he sounded like he belonged on the original album. Rachel Beck did us proud as well, always get goosebumps with the 'No Nathaniel no, there must be more to life than this.."

So now my budget is blown out of the water, cost me an arm and leg as well as accommodation in the city. But what the hell you only live once - and it was a great way for my wife and I to celebrate our 19th wedding anniversary.


Well, after all the discussion about this production on the Board, I finally did some web digging and found the home website. This show definitely falls under the cult category here in the States, and I have only been vaguely aware of its existence. The website has excerpts of music available, and I really liked what I heard. I found the CDs on Amazon and now have the 2 CD version on order. I'm looking forward to hearing the entire show. :yes:


Only vaguely as something 'out there' from my time living overseas. Truly, in the States you get a very blank look if you mention a musical version of War of the Worlds. If you doubt this, just read the US reviews on Amazon.

This is typical...

For the longest time, I thought that I was the only one (in America) that has ever heard of this album. This was one of those albums that contributed to my being "proudly unhipp" for many years. Now I have friends calling me and asking me: "Is that the same "War of the Worlds" album that you told me about so many years ago?" Only now, are they interested in hearing the whole thing instead of just a few highlights.


Commander Ret.
Wow - I never knew that. :)

I guess the current header might be getting blank looks from some too? :?
My younger brother bought this upon original release, I recall heard it blaring from his bedroom, whilst I was listening to the likes of The Wonderfull World of Wreckless Eric [a real understated artist if there was ever, his last album Bungalow Hi is a masterpiece] and the Stiff complilation You can't Start Dancing.

I'm going to upset some folk here but I despise War of The Worlds and all it stands for, basically to me it is everything that is bad in music: ala Meatloaf, Queen and Dire Straits -- they all fall in the same catagory.

Sorry chaps it just aint rock 'n roll, give me the likes of the Damned, Kinks, Church, XTC, Velvet Underground any day. Just to prove that you don't have to be young to produce cutting edge no compromise music. Listen to the last two albums [Forget Yourself and Univited like the Clouds] by the 50 something Aussie rockers the Church.

Last summer we as as a family, wife and two sons in tow saw the Damned: Vanian, Sensible and crew are still a awesome live act.



Russell Watson

Just watched the news tonight (25 October) and heard that 'Parson Nathaniel' actor/singer Russell Watson has just had a tumour removed from his brain. Particularly nasty! Come to think of it, watching the behind the scenes DVD of the live show, might explain why he was complaining of a lot of migraines...

Well, I hope he's okay in the long run. All the best dude.


Commander Ret.
Sorry chaps it just aint rock 'n roll
Well, it's not really trying to be rock n' roll. The original album is a musical masterpiece, in my opinion and it'll never be bettered as an adaptation. The score is pure genius and the production first-rate. No question.

...and this coming from someone who likes (loves) Motorhead, Iggy Pop/Stooges, The Mission (they're touring again next year!), Discharge (a real punk band, probably the best one ever - and still going), early Metallica etc etc...

I love Trance too - explain that one! 8)

I have to agree with you that Meat Loaf absolutely blows - but looking back, you can kinda appreciate what Queen were up to.

I still do like the Damned - last saw them in '88/'89 I think it was - but they became so commercial towards the end of their heyday that they became a complete joke.