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Johnny Express Vintage Truck Parts


I'm selling some JE truck parts. Used on various 'Anderson' studio scale models.

I still have a rear axle assembly but one of the wheels is missing the central ribbed section. The metal gears are ok. the motor hasn't been tested.

'Johnny Express Toys' to buy any use? This site updates regular.

and JE replica parts can be found at

Here's a couple of photo' of the Johnny Express rear axle that I have. The one wheel is missing the ribbed section but I have found a spare rear wheel. While rummaging for the wheel I also found part of a Johnny Express steering assembly. The motors in each assembly haven't been tested.

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Was that truck used in the Captain Scarlet "Avalanche" episode as the tanker which carried the CO2 to knock out the Frost Line bases?


TV21Dalek: Yes, the Johnny Express toy truck was used for the Liquid Oxygen Truck. The JE cab forms most of the front and the JE Tipper body (turned upside down) forms most of the rear. I have a studio scale one in progress waiting to be resumed. The vintage toy tanks that supply the tracks can work out expensive - think I got 6 that took about 12 months to collect at, on average, £30 each.

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