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Journey to Where

Captain Sci-Fi

Hi Guys,

I am changing the way we do things a little. Martin and I met recently (pleasure as always Martin) here is the result. Pictures of his Journey to Where city towers in the highest resolution possible from his collection.

Martin Willey tells me that Martin Bower made one of these buildings but looking at them I would say he had a hand in a few more.

How many Airfix ship and Saturn V kits can you spot? There are more than a few Tamiya tank parts in there too..... :D



Very nice! I like the fact you've got the odd hand in some of the pics to show the scale. Thanks for sharing!


The first couple of shots had me thinking about how crudely assembled those models were, but when I remembered that they were only meant to be viewed from a certain specific angle (and your later photos showed such angles), I could look past the kit parts and see the whole 'city complex' instead. Neat! (Just a personal note: If I ever decided to replicate these, I would probably fill in missing details like rooftops on the square rods, extra buildings behind the 'foreground' ones seen in the episode, and so on, just to make it look more 'real' rather than replicating the models. Oh, and just for fun, I'd probably stick in at least one top piece from an Eagle's leg pod... I'm surprised I didn't see any in the studio models, given how they used whole Eagle leg pods on the "Devil's Planet" miniatures!)
I'd known about several Saturn V bits and tank parts, as well as EMA rod and the like. But the amount of parts & the variety is actually astounding. Interesting, too, to see several battleship pieces in there, Gemini parts (should have noticed that sooner on the old pics at The Catacombs) plus parts from the Airfix E-boat.
Whatever... this is a fun set of pics! Thanks, Martin & Bernie for sharing!
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Captain Sci-Fi

Two domed sections....

I completely forgot that there are two domed sections missing from this set. They were seen at the TV21 Fanderson event and photographed there.

These images are the work of Scatta, w8cmp and myself.



I spy..

These are great images, Thank you for sharing them guys. :thumbup:

Let the kit spotting commence! :D Since the same kits get used on other subjects, it's always a worth while exercise. OK, After a quick scan I can see...

Airfix 1/144. Apollo Saturn V Rocket
Airfix 1/600 H.M.S Fearless
Airfix 1/600 H.M.s Nelson
Airfix 1/600 German E Boat
Airfix 1/72 Vosper MTB
Airfix 1/24 Hawker Harrier

Hasegawa 1/72 Leopold Rail Gun

Tamiya 1/35 M60 A1
Tamiya 1/25 British Centurion Tank

That, and a shed load of Plastruct! :lol:

Quick question, Does anybody recognize which part this comes from.



WOW!!! Amazing... your pics look almost more authentic and to scale than the original scenes... maybe it's the disco runner lights that always rubbed me wrong. Thanks so much for sharing!!!

When you consider how quickly these models were built and the fact that they were only intended to be filmed from certain angles, they really do effectively convey the idea of a futuristic city complex. Does anyone know if Martin Bower was responsible for all of these? If so, I'm even more impressed. I suppose the clear domes likely ended up being used on other models or productions...