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kit-bashed sci-fi Mosquito aircraft


I've had an idea for a while to kit-bash an aircraft the way some of the fighter planes in 'Thunderbirds' were handled. I based my plane on a DeHavilland Mosquito and used an Airfix 1/72nd kit, so the model is about 10" long. Here are a few pics of the finished model.

There is a two part video - 6 minutes each - on youtube that covers the project.

Kitbash Mosquito (part 1)

KitBash Sci-Fi Mosquito (part 2)


  • 05 3 quarter angle.jpg
    05 3 quarter angle.jpg
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  • 05 belly.jpg
    05 belly.jpg
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  • 05 rear angle.jpg
    05 rear angle.jpg
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Forum Supporter
That's some imagination you've got there.8)

Great and well executed. Also, dirtied-down a la Meddings!



Thank You.
Yeh I ended it giving a pretty 'Thunderbirds-y' finish. Like they say in writing 'write what you know' :)


This is superb! You Really Gave it a Thunderbirds look & Feel! any plans to kitbash an ASR Jet? Dan


Thanks. I have just finished a MiG 242 (from Joe 90) converted from the Irfix Angel Interceptor.
ASR? The yellow Air Sea Rescue jets seen in 'operation crashdive'? Yeh maybe:)