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Koolwheelz Eagle transporter paper model


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Dave of Koolwheelz paper models fame has just released a Koolwheelz eagle transporter.
I am currently building mine & know there are few other paper modellers here that it might be of interest to.

A link to Dave's website where his Koolwheelz are.

The eagle is in the starcars section.

I would have a nice selection of Dave's Koolwheelz except for the kids take a liking to them and they get taken and displayed in the kids rooms.

Suppose it gives me a excuse to make some more.


Koolwheelz Eagle

I built one recently, a joy to make, despite the simplicity it looks and feels like an eagle. I've tried the more complex paper models but find them tedious to build and give up. I've scaled this one up now, might even try upping the size again if I can figure out how to do the larger parts across more than one sheet of A4. Pic to follow when I find out why my jpeg is invalid...


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I've got a couple of the koolwheelz eagles made here.

I resized a couple of them too.

They aren't perfect but they are unmistakably a eagle and are a nice quick build.

Every other paper eagle model I have started is still ongoing as life gets in the way.



Ideally I'd like to 3D print a studio scale one, but that's a more long-term project (obsession) involving getting a printer and figuring out the overall cost.

Another idea is superimposing photographic textures onto the Koolwheels structure.

Definitely going to scale up more though, with the heaviest card my printer can cope with.


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I have had a play around with the koolwheelz images to make a standard pod & maybe others. Need to finish them and get some more parts printed.

I was given a BSG viper the other day a freind had 3D printed. Needs a lot of tidying but he is trying to get me to buy a 3D printer as he knows a few eagles and maybe a liberator would be on my list of must builds.

One day hopefully.


Finally upscaled to 250% with 250gsm card, printing across more than one A4 sheet so some parts are two halves with an overlapped seam. However, the Roket card glue worked it's usual miracles and all looking good. Coated with Rustoleum acrylic varnish.:thumbup:


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