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lab pod interior


First of all i want to say hello to everyone in here. This site is the greatest place i can find for space 1999 eagle info. Anyway as the title suggests i am about to start a 22" MPC eagle with lab pod and i am wondering if anyone can tell me if there are any interior shots of the lab pod or at least a blueprint of the interior. Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
If you're doing the interior of the lab pod (with the external triangle extensions on the side), there is the second season episode 'All That Glisters" shows the interior set of the lab pod. However there is a major problem with that - they added an extra section to the set (parts of the Eagle forward 'corridor' section) at the back of the passenger pod set. There is no way that would fit into the exterior of the lab pod. I have seen some blueprints of the lab pod that you should be able to find online.


thanks for the info. i have searched for blueprints but have not found any. what i keep finding are mislabeled passenger pod plans. Thanks for the help.
I knew I had at least 1 drawing of the lab pod interior. I did a search and couldn't find it online. I checked and I have 2 drawings of the rescue/medical eagle interior, one of which is on the Catacombs site. I did find only one drawing of the lab pod interior, and that is a cropped photo that shows the top view cutaway of the triangle section and part of the pod interior. I thought I had more than that but I don't. I wish I had the original version that show all of the lab pod interior. I tried to find that online, and couldn't (lots of exterior views of the different pods but only the interior of a regular passenger pod). At the minimum, you can get screen shots of the lab pod set from All That Glisters and remove the extend section and come up with a reasonable interior.
I did a new search and found a couple of things. One is an art version of the interior lab pod:

And the second is a cutaway of an Eagle with a lab pod (a few pictures):

This one has the "L" shaped corridor in the triangle extensions that is in the older cropped drawing that I have. I can't seem to find anything else on this. Sorry ☹️