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Large scale Lego Eagle WIP


I guess some of you have seen this lego eagle by shinya fujita.As there are no instructions or a parts list ,I am going try to make my instructions so i can build one for myself.
I am going to design and model it in MLCad first (which is a cad program for lego) .I am going to split the model in to sections and design it that way eg spine ,pod, command module,engines,landing gear pods and landing gear feet.

I will post the parts and instructions here as i finish them ,if anyone wants to help or has any ideas on parts please let me know.

I must give credit to guy who did this model if the first place ,fantastic work


Large Scale Lego Build

Hello! I have been looking for plans for my son and I to make a mini-fig scale Eagle transporter out of LEGO (as my large Mattel Eagle Transporter from child hood has long since gone). If interested, I would be happy to coordinate efforts as it looks like you attempting the same thing.



yes m8 that would be great ,i have done the landing gear leg and i am doing the pod now.the hardest thing will be the command module,but i have got some ideas on how to do that. i think it is minifig scale but not 100% sure i going to build a mock up of the pod with what bits i have got to see for size.i will post the parts list and instructions for the leg when i have enough posts

I have now finshed the leg and heres a render of the finshed landing gear leg,the verticl rod is not the right size at the moment ,because i cant
work out the right length until i do the landing gear pod

and heres the zip of the parts and instructions


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Great lego work.
The sharing of your instructions would be very nice.:yes:

Luciano :thumbup:
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Hi all

This will be my first post on this forum, so a very quick intro, () that was it! OK a little more, Like most of us the eagle was always my favourite space ship and I was always wanting to make it in LEGO, never could until recently, now I'm in the middle of a studio scale (ish) interpretation of the classic design, should be about 48" long.

To this thread and mado21, have you made any further progress on this?



Hey Mado, I saw the same one on, the updated version is even sweeter and cleaner looking. Pretty sure its by the same guy, the CM looks 100% better. Still the original is quite a piece and very cool. Count me in for instructions if there is a list.
Keep up the great work.
Hi Stomping,

Not finished just yet, though a lot further on. The pod and frames etc., are complete, nose section and some other bits need work. I'll post from fresh images later on.



That is really neat, and rather complex too. Man I remember trying to make a decent Eagle as a kid in the 70's with Legos and all there was were mainly square pieces with some angled ones too and that was it. No way could you come close to a reasonable looking Eagle. I'll have to build a time machine and take this Lego Eagle back to my 10 year old self, that will make him happy. But let me take my meds first. :)