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Last night in the woods near my house.

Weird feeling, watching this thing drive past me in the moonlight...


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and the glowing green sphereoid landed in the woods with the blokes wearing red and silver suits didnt bother you???? - nice model by the way
Thank you - it's just a Dinky - I mixed up blue and silver Humbrol paints to get the colour, then put on some white Letraset (Ebay) and some white stripe airplane waterslide transfers (Hannants).

I'm wearing a red and silver suit myself, at the moment. AND breathing a super-oxygenated green liquid (Yoplait).
Thank you, Frank - it's funny, I didn't particularly like the Mobile when I started watching "UFO" a month ago, but I found this Dinky version in a charity shop and decided to have a go at it. As I took it to bits and started getting the paint off, I realised what a meaty, powerful machine the Mobile is - like a lorry crossed with a rhinoceros - and now I really like it - but that appreciation has somehow come to me because I got my hands on one and followed the original sculptor's lines with my Xacto knife as I scraped the last traces of paint off it!


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