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LastBattlestar's studio scale Galactica


Looks incredible, Mike. Did you say you're doing the sequencing lights in the deck too? That will be awesome. The finish painting you did in the deck looks nice as well. The larger model of the landing bay opening used for the landing scenes had a very interesting pattern on it. Diamonds or triangles if I remember correctly. Differernt that the image you're matching here but interesting. Did you details any of the walls or ceiling surrounding the opening on that model by chance? Can't see it in these pics.

Will the top of the bay remain removable as in your overhead shot so you can see it easier?

Captain Sci-Fi

Your landing bay looks better than the original.

I agree with this statement, the flight deck looks like it came from an aircraft carrier, the paint scheme is amazing. This kind of work is the difference between just model building and creating a masterwork.

It's always a good day when Mike updates with new eye candy. :yes:

Steve Gerard

I agree with this statement, the flight deck looks like it came from an aircraft carrier, the paint scheme is amazing. This kind of work is the difference between just model building and creating a masterwork.

It's always a good day when Mike updates with new eye candy. :yes:

Agree, the realism is impressive.


I agree with 'shornak'.
That landing bay looks sweeet Mike.
Really impressedwith that addition.
Definately better than a backlit image.
Even if it was used on the original what you have done is way cooler.


Hi... LastBattlestar...:thumbup:

Good job... nice craftmanship...:thumbup::clap:

Seasons greetings...:santa:
Wow, thanks guys! I'm flattered by the comments, really, but it's a pleasure to be able to share the build, especially in this company.:)

Dougie, I did attempt to create the sequencing lights using my 10yo electronic boards mounted on top of the bay module and a lot of fibre optics running everywhere, but it wasn't successful. I really need the correct boards with tiny surface mounted LEDs directly under the bay floor to make it look OK. They weren't in the budget for this year (very expensive...), so hopefully they will appear in 2012.

Jase, thanks mate, it was a LOT of work. Now, to build another for the starboard side...:O My build philosophy is slightly different. I'm building a replica of a 'real' working Battlestar, not a filming miniature, if that makes any sense? Hence you'll find real bay interiors, observation dome, future lighting differences, no simulated access panel screw holes, etc. I'm enjoying dreaming up lots of new ideas. So little time!

The good news is that my new parts order includes a bunch of 7mm long scale Vipers.:clap: It's gonna be 'fun' painting them up, but I can't wait to line them up in the bays ready for launch!

I've include some pics of my new bay nose caps under construction. Will it ever end?

Cheers lads and if I don't post again soon, have a very safe, happy and merry Christmas. See you on the other side.



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Hi all, hard to believe it's been over 8 months since I updated this thread. I trust we all made it through into 2012 OK?:thumbup:

I've been very busy since buying a house in February, but we are now nice and settled in, I have my model room all set up and cosy and the cold, wet winter finally forced me back to the Galactica! It tends to sit for months until I get the urge again, then I hit it HARD for a few weeks losing a lot of sleep, but getting major work done. This episode is no exception: I've almost completely stripped and rebuilt the entire underside from tip to tail, fixing years-old sloppy structural work, inaccurate greeblage and other little niggly things that have been bothering me. So, here we go:

Sorry, a little short on time tonight, but for more descriptive detail, check the threads at Resin Illuminati or Studio Scale Modelers for the full write up.:D

I hope you enjoy the pics and I'm happy to answer any questions about the build. Over 12 years now and I'm still enjoying this build. It's like an old friend! It's also nice to be back here. I'm still trying to avoid thinking about a 44 build. Must.....resist.....

Cheers, Mike


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Thanks guys, positive feedback is always appreciated!

I have been adding a lot more scribing and greeblies over the last week. I'll update the thread soon.:)



Awesome job my friend, that would look awesome hanging in anyones office (we IT folks are all SciFi geeks anyway)
Thanks so much for the kind words guys, it really is appreciated!

I'm a bit short on time for posting up lots of pics, but there are a lot of recent pics of the build here:

I hope you like them. It's summer here and I've been really busy with our new house and general warm weather fun, so not much time for the models. Come cooler weather and I'll be back onto the Galactica. Oh, I also have my newly rebuilt and super-accurate studio scale Colonial Movers in the weathering stage. I'll post that up soon.:)

Cheers, Mike