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Lee (ex-Midori) Stingray - build questions


Forum Supporter
Just for fun I plan to build one of these.

It has a few inaccuracies that I will have to live with (hull is a bit tubby, cabin isn't quite right shape) but I can't live with the upright pillars between the cabin windows or the solid grey plastic 'Ratemaster' in the tail.

I'm thinking I could cut out all the window pillars, set in a single peice of clear plastic and then just paint the pillars on at the correct angle - any other suggestions?

Has anybody built this and solved the Ratemaster problem somehow apart from recasting it in clear? I keep looking at tap/faucet handles in every hardware store I visit but none have the right look and they're all too big for this small kit (kit is about 10 inches long overall)!!!

I'll be building it while away in a hotel - so only basic tools are available to me.


David W.
David A. Womby