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Less obscure props


Here are my scratchbuilds of the more common 99 props. I must've made these about 23 years ago!


  • commlock.JPG
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  • stungun.JPG
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Ham Salad

it doesn't matter, as we know you plan to put your brain into one of your mighty robot creations, and I for one will welcome our new robot overlords in the hope of mercy.


Damn, I've been found out. I'd better not choose the spherical one. Ruling the universe is tricky when you are rolling uncontrollably downhill!
They look as good as new and as if they might still work. Isn't it amazing how the early Sci-Fi shows were really good at dreaming up future concepts for everyday tools - I can't think of many items that haven't already come true. Someone just needs to invent the warp reactor along with oxygum and we'll be off on our travels. :D