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Liberator bracelet - a build and a question


I've decided to make one or three Liberator teleport bracelets and would like some advice.

I'm quite happy to post my full build details including measurements and graphic blueprints etc once I have them worked out to my satisfaction.

My question is this: I have the appropriate EMA tubing but the outer band does not seem deep enough. the tubes appear to only come in one thickness (a shade under 2mm thick) but I thought the top of the button is supposed to be more-or-less flush with the top of the outer band?

Are you supposed to layer two lots of the larger diameter pipe for the outer band or is there a thicker version of the pipe available?

I've included a couple of pictures to show what I mean (temporarily held together with double sided tape.)

Chamfering the edges seems to go some way to making them look thicker than they are but I have a feeling I'm missing something.



I thought I'd heard somewhere that EMA now do their tubes with thinner walls than they did when Blakes 7 was being made.


I thought it might be the type of plastic I chose but the alternative is even thinner.
looking at their website, the butyrate plastic pipe seems to be 1.6 mm thick (half the difference between the outer and inner diameter) whereas the ABS plastic (which I bought) is 1.95mm


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EMA tubing used to be in two wall thicknesses - up to a certain tube diameter size, the wall thickness was about 2mm. Above that, the wall thickness was about 3mm.

This changed about two years ago, now the walls of ALL tubing is the thinner size.

I asked EMA about it, it's purely a cost-cutting exercise by their suppliers.


Thinking that my Liberator bracelet would not be as accurate as it could be put me in a bit of a funk with this build. But it was always bubbling away in my mind (I had the partially built piece on my desk to remind me.)
Out of nowhere I woke up one morning and decided to try layering 2 pieces of each of the 2 diameters (inner band and outer detailing) to see what it would look like.

It worked wonderfully.

teleport_01 by Barry Piggott

here you can see the thickness of the original pipe versues the layered version

teleport_02 by Barry Piggott

EMA platic weld helped to fuse the 2 layers together and the join is just about invisible. The button now sits inside at the correct height (barely peaking out of the top of the outer detail band) and the whole thing has that satisfying "chunkiness" I was after.

Here is where I am up to so far. The bracelet is still in 2 halves as I have not yet fitted the hinge - but the clasp mechanism keeps it held together nicely.

Just a bit more sanding to do, the I shall fit the hinge and design the graphics.

This piece is my proof of concept version. Once I know that it all comes together and looks as it should then I can make a few more.

teleport_03 by Barry Piggott

teleport_04 by Barry Piggott
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***8230; Annnd over a year later I decide to get back to it.

I bought some larger files rather than trying to do all my chamfer work with little model files. Made the job a hell of a lot easier. Worked out how to add the hinges so that it would open properly and glued them in place.

sprayed the EMA domes silver for a season one look.
I used a silver aerosol from Wilkinsons which went on really nicely.

Gave the bracelets a couple of light coats of undercoat followed by a gentle rub down with very fine emery paper. Then the Ford metallic brown coat.

I designed some of the alien graphics in illustrator basing them on photos of the actual props. I then imported the files to my Silhouette Portrait machine and cut them out of beige vinyl self adhesive sheet (I know the originals used Airfix flesh colour but I'm happy enough with this compromise and I get nice clean edges)
I then varnished over the paintwork and lettering and added some self adhesive felt strips to the inside before adding some chrome vinyl - cut by hand this time.

Finally the Perspex "cosmic button" and I'm calling it complete.

I made two. One for me and one for a friend but I have about 3 or 4 others ready to finish off now that I've worked the kinks out.


Looks fab, I made some a few years ago minus the hinge as I didn't think I could get it to work. Yours are superb great stuff.


In "BBC VFX" by Mat Irvine and Mike Tucker, they mention that they had a rare scene with the rack that held all the teleporter bracelets, but it seems that there were only a couple of bracelets left due to damage or theft, so the VFX guys managed to cut up some drainpipe and replace about 40 in an hour.


Great work

Would like to take you up on the offer of measurements please. Mainly of the tube width you used & how wide you cut the outer & inner bands. Made the blue peter one years ago & was always in the back of my mind to make a more real one, if I could make one even close to yours be very happy.
Kind regurds Jason
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Just echoing what Jason1428 said (lockdown is giving me the opportunity to take on this project) and I'd like to take up the offer of measurements please if possible! Hopefully I can make a working bracelet and leave this COVID infected planet.

Also - am I right in assuming that the trade name for the EMA domes is a "Grey ABS dished head"?


Yes, give me a couple of days. I will put together some measurements along with the techniques I used.
Not saying it is going to be 100% to the BBC prop but it should be damn close.


Hopefully this should get you started

I cut 2 copies of each pipe. For the inner ring I cut a vertical slit in one of the sections so that the parts would overlap and I could put it inside the other piece. I then marked how much of an overlap there was to make it a slightly smaller diameter to fit snugly and removed the excess. I plastic welded both pieces together so that I had an inner ring that was now twice the thickness as before. It doesn't matter about the area that you cut the inner bit as you have to cut the bracelet to allow it to open and close anyway. I used the slit as one of the cut marks.

I also double layered the outer ring but this time I placed the slit piece on the outside of it's twin. There will be a gap as the two ends of the split piece will now no longer meet. This doesn't matter as the outer ring is split into two smaller lengths anyway.

Then lots of filing and sanding to get everything nice.

I will put up measurements shortly of the outside graphic layout.

I'm not claiming this is 100% accurate to the original BBC props but I'm happy with it and I'm a stickler :)


I made myself a Scorpio bracelet to go with the Liberator one I did.
Mostly 3D resin printed this time (apart from the strap and the domes)

Not my files - but a splendid chap called Chris who goes by the name Space Crafting. You can find his files for free on Thingiverse.
Scorpio bracelet link