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looking for details: Eagle lazer

yes wonder if any of you have any pic's that show this a letter bit better
but now i'm wondering HOW i can upload a pic?
details of the top are clear it is the side and the back that i would like
it will be for the 44" eagle that will sit on top of the cage (for easier changing of the model) just add a bit of weight to the base should make it
stable oh well thanks merry Christmas to all
Spot on JD found them in a round about way Google
but thanks just the same downloaded and added to the disk which is some 30. megs (allmost all pic's some vids) don't worry just the old Christmas brain shut off mode :D
and i wrote to a group on the net might get some feed back
if i had 1. money 2. people to help film 3 some thing to film i would be all right :D
got a dvd set of Fire fly (Very cool it has 3 shows which were never aired!)
it will get better

how do you upload pics to this site???? tried but seam most of been the wrong way :roll:


here ya go bud, hope this helps!

I was always marveled and intrigued by that huge Eagle mock-up section and sometimes wonder if it still exists in someone's private collection.
The amount of detail is almost "obscene" a good sense, of course!
I particularly like the round-shaped laser "crib"...something that I would definitely try to recreate on a 44” Eagle model!

Except for the laser (Catacombs), I’ve never found recent pics of that particular Eagle mock-up section…maybe some of our resident Eagle experts could help? That would be truly great!


I remember a shot from Terrahawks that showed what might have been that section of the cages (minus the spine truss) used as detailing on Spacehawk. Don't know for sure if it really was a re-use of that exact part, nor can I reacll which Terrahawks episodes that shot appears in.

I guess this wasn't a very helpful post. :oops:


Chief Eagle Pilot
I think there are several episodes of Terrahawks that use what appears to be a large scale Eagle frame section in close-ups of other spaceships.
It would seem to be a strange thing to quickly mock up so I always assumed that it was the same prop.


Chief Eagle Pilot
Actually it is the same prop.
The cage section is on the right side of Treehawks entrance on Spacehawk and can just be glimpsed in the stock shots on the right edge of the screen. The whole piece can clearly be seen in the episode 'The Sporilla' as the camera is positioned on the other side looking directly at it - it doesn't appear to have been altered much. The spine piece is positioned above it but slightly hidden.
You can see the spine section again up close in the episode 'Jolly Roger One' where it is positioned upside down making up a large-scale section of the ship where the Cubes are firing at Spacehawk - it does seem to have been repainted since its appearance in 'Space'.
Thank you both CR and Mark42 for your insight on the subject. :thumbup:
I will definitely keep a sharp eye for those impressive parts on the 1st chance I get to see Terrahawks…for the 1st time, I admit :roll:
Knowing the episode’s title truly helps, thanks Mark42!
Is this a great forum or what? 8)

BTW Mr. Chief Eagle Pilot 8) , nice new pic of Eagle One on your website! ;)


Yes, thanks to Mark42 for specifying the Terrahawks eps!
I didn't have time to sit through my dvd set to try to find it myself... I knew I should have written it down the first time I watched it!
Just for anyone's info, one of the more painfully obvious kitbash parts on Spacehawk is the solar panel from Darth Vader's TIE fighter, located approximately amidships. Still, overall, Spacehawk is my favourite vehicle in the Terrahwks arsenal.
Well, scratch that... it's a tie between Spacehawk and the Overlander transport vehicles. (Overlanders don't seem the most efficient, what with them constantly being taken over by enemy forces, but man, they look awesome!)
thank you
JD got some pics to me on the site almost as soon as i got them
the 44" eagle is on stand by untill i get more supplies but the lazer is a
mod for the eagle .
on the insane amount of detail? well on the spine latches there is a bit over the pop rivit but what about the 5\16 "exter" links? over the main rod of the spine and the wire? this would be ok if there was clear pics
of the whole spine but one thing at a time